Pregablin and Alcohol


I Haven’t been on here for a while but thought it the best place to ask a question re Pregablin.

I changed from Gabapentin in November as I felt it wasn’t helping my legs any more and upping the dose just made me like a zombie so I asked to swap to Pregablin. I have just increased the dose from 75 to 150mg twice a day. I have had a bit of a relapse this week with the foggy head, loss of balance and dizziness and wondered if it could be to do with the change in medication. I also had a couple of glasses of wine last night (which is not unusual for me) but it affected my balance and head even more.

I just wondered if anyone could give me their opinions.

Many thanks for reading my post and would be grateful for any replies


Don’t really know ‘Pregablin’ and I don’t drink. The reason for the note was just to say that my Doctor ‘took me off’ Gabapentin. (similiar reason to yourself). My Doctor has 2 close relations who have MS and he did tell me that he might catch it some day.


I too switched from Gabapentin to Pregabalin, about a year ago. I have never stopped drinking a glass of wine (or 2) in the evening, most evenings. I haven’t noticed any bad side effects because of it.

Same as mentioned above, I take lots of meds including full dose pregabalin and only suffer if I drink on the same day as my avonex jab or if I have overdone the falling down juice. As the docs suggest, drink in moderation or not at all.

Trouble is that most of them drink bucket loads and they rarely have MS…


i found this medication floored me never mind the medication and that was at 25mg a day

Thank you for all your replies, I think this little episode has been more MS Symptoms than medication as It feels exactly the same as I have had before. So I will continue with the drinking but be more aware of how much which is not a bad thing anyway

Thanks Again Fiona

hi there hope your well again,

im on the highest dose of pregablin and have had it for the last 6 months,

i have had terrible reactions with wine drinking and have now decided that im a non wine drinker, last week i had 2 glasses, went to bed feeling realy drunk, my head felt like it was going to bust then got up to being violently sick and slept the rest of the day.

i too felt like i was having what they call sensory relapses, the ms nurse said it could be, then my doctor told me it could be the medication, pregablin as far as he was concerned was the only thing that could cause it, not ms , i then went to see neurologist regular check up for him to tell me to accept what i had and and these symtoms were normal every day now.

am currently trying to research the drug pregablin but finding it really hard

not sure if ive been of any help cos i do seem to wander xx]

sami xx

Just taken first dose of pregablin 75mg yesterday. I had the best nights sleep in months.The only problem is that this morning I’m very dizzy and if I try to picture something in my mind ie my little grandson everything is black which is rather worrying. Will this subside.I am supposed to take 150mg a day but if this is how I feel I think 75 is more than enough. Any advice would be most welcome cheers

When I started a pregabalin I started at 25 mg twice a day gradually increased seeing gp regularly till I was nearly at 600mg a day then started to get horrible side effects so had to reduce now take 150mg twice a day but it’s got to be lyrica I can’t tolerate generic versions of pregabalin.

Iff you read the enclosed leaflet on this drug it says no alcohol so be careful .