Pregabalin Advice


Just changed over to Pregabalin after taking Gabapentin for a month and finding I’m feeling really washed out and tired, could this be the Pregabalin? If so, how long should it take to get used to the side effects? I’ve started off on 50mg once a day and supposed to increase to twice a day tomorrow, but thinking I will stick to just the one until I am used to them. Seem to be really sensitive to meds and had to come off Gabapentin, as having problems with my memory and couldn’t stop crying either.

Just one more question…it says to avoid alcohol with these and just wondered if alcohol was an absolute no-no or if a glass of wine is ok? Got quite a few Christmas parties coming up and one or two drinks would be nice, if I’m allowed of course .


Fizzy x

hi fizzy

i changed from gabapentin to pregabalin and have been on 600mg daily with no side affects also take a few other types of pill and none of them stop me enjoying a beer

so if it agrees with you then why not have a wine or two


Hi Baz,

Thanks for your reply. Pleased to hear you’re still enjoying a beer, I think I’ll give the wine a go then

Fizzy x

Everyone reacts differently to meds, but I found that it took 4 weeks to get over the worst of the side effects from pregabalin (I’m often very sensitive to meds though). I nearly gave up a couple of times, but my MS nurse persuaded me to persevere - I’m very glad she did, it works really well for me now :slight_smile:

I didn’t stop drinking for it or any of the other meds I take that say to avoid alcohol. It’s different if it says “you must not drink alcohol with this medicine” in the leaflet though. Thankfully, this is pretty rare! :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for your reply Karen. I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to these too…not feeling as tired today, but then I didn’t wake up until after 10am! Think I will wait a few days before increasing and will persevere with them.

Relieved I can still drink alcohol on these, there was a warning on the label so thought I’d better check…glad I did now, or I would have been having an alcohol free Christmas!


Fizzy x

Hello Fizzy, I too changed from Gabapentin to Pregabalin and started on 25 mg for one week then up to 50 mg then tried adding another 25mg and felt dreadful, constipated, dizzy, sick so I ditched it. A month later I decided to try again and add another 25mg and besides being constipated I am finding it ok. Have now realised my neuro said to add the doseage slowly, didn’t realise she meant quite so slowly though. I intend trying to add a further 25mg in another month, mind I see my neuro on Monday and she may have other ideas!! Good luck with yours.