Pregabalin advice

i have been given pregabalin for pain and stiffness in my legs just wondered if anybody else has taken them do you know if I have to avoid alcohol? not that it would be a problem but I do enjoy a glass or 2 of red at the weekend.


I take 75mg of pregabalin morning and evening… The packet states ‘do not drink alcohol’ but I do have the occasional glass of wine! I guess the dose u r on would b a factor … And also any other meds u take. I find that red wine doesn’t seem to b a very good idea for me, but mostly I cope OK with a small glass of rose or a white.

Hope that helps.

H x

Thanks for that “H” I’m on betaferon injections nurse has prescribed 25mg at night and in the morning.

jenny x


if you haven’t started taking them yet, please do bear in mind that they can affect you quite strongly at first. when i started on them, i can only describe myself on the first 5-6 days as high as a kite, i was off with the pixies, so to speak. that effect wore of very suddenly and they’ve just been great ever since. i also have the occasional bacardi and coke without any apparent ill effect. i suppose it’s down to each person. i hope pregabalin as good as i do,

wendy x

Thanks Wendy how much did you first start taking ? I have been told to take 25mg at night then if I am ok with that 1 in the morning aswell.

jenny x

hi jenny,

if i remember right it was about 75mg a night to start, so maybe it was the strength that knocked me for six (god help me for using a sport metaphore, or is it analogy?!). i didn’t have any problems with incremental increases afterwards, just when i started. i’m on 200mg twice a day now. i found that gabapentin didn’t help me at all, it’s just a case of finding what works for you.

good luck,

wendy xx