Hi peeps. Just started taking pregabalin today. Does anyone know if a glass of wine is a no no? Hope you’re all settling back to your normal routines :slight_smile: Thanks Oonagh

Hi I have been taking pregabalin for bout two years now and always have a pint or two at the weekend. I have never been told that you cannot and can not see that a drop of wine would hurt.

Hope you get on ok



Hi I have been taking pregabalin for bout two years now and always have a pint or two at the weekend. I have never been told that you cannot and can not see that a drop of wine would hurt.

Hope you get on ok



Thank you Mark,

Had a little ‘experiment’ last night and the results were okay

I hope you don’t mind but I have a couple of questions:

I was on Gabapentin for a month but it wasn’t doing anything (apart from giving me side affects) so my GP has put me on Pregabalin.

How are you doing with it? What symptoms does it help with and what dose are you on?

Please don’t feel you have to answer these Mark.

Thank you



Im on pregabalin also think,as,long as its in moderation it will be ok as pregabalin can cause drowsiness, you might just feel the effects of alcohol a lot quicker than without it. I take 300mg twice a day for nerve pain, and it does help, I was also previously on Gabapentin but had bad side effects so was changed to prealin.

Thank you Deanne. That gives me hope. XXX

Hi Oonagh, I have been on Pregabalin max 600mg daily in divided doses. It really helps with nerve pain especially in my legs. I was recently also put on Gabapentin but I also have had to stop it. I have a glass or two of wine with Pregabalin and feel ok but like everything we all react differently so take it easy. Hope it works for you. X

Hi Anita,

I’m only on 300mg at the moment and will be upping it to 450 on Friday. I’ve only been on it for a week so haven’t really noticed any changes yet so here’s hoping. You’re right that we all react differently so I hope I react the same as you



I’ve been on Pregabalin for years 150mg at night and 100mg in the morning I have recently had to increase to 150mg in the morning my brain is ‘foggy’ but pain is better!! I cannot stand the ‘foggy’ brain, million dollar ? is it the disease or the drug.

Oh happy days

Hi all ppmsers just a question on fampyra and has anyone on the ppms site has taken it and if so did it improve your walking. I myself are waiting to go in for a timed walk then a month trial to see if it has benefit for my ms.

Hi Oonagh

I take 250mg twice a day and it helps me with the nerve pain, but it does help or not help people in different ways.

My ms monster is quite at the moment apart from the little hug i had in the shower tonight , what a delight that was, first time that has happened in a while.

Well i hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Lv Mark xx

Hi Mark,

Thank you. Am now taking 150mg in the morning, same again at night. I’m going to up them this weekend to 225mg (I only have 75mg tabs). They do seem to be having an effect.

Thanks again Mark, have a lovely weekend



Hi all

I was on gabapentin but been on pregablin for about a year 50mg twice a day it does seem to help with the feeling in my legs but the only thing is that i have put on weight.

Eric i seen my neurologist in november and he said no at the moment but last year he put me on the list for it and said i was at the top but it does’nt look like at the moment.


Hi Kazza, it does seem that the downside of all these drugs is weight gain… and along with not being able to exercise properly… makes me a Fatty Patty!!! BUT I do try and stick to a simple ‘no snacks no sweets’ diet… (and try to eat healthy although on bad fatigue days that is so hard). The weight loss is slow but it does come off or at least doesn’t go up!

The neuro did try me on a drug called Topomax… one of the side effects is weight loss! It’s in that family of epileptic drugs (Gabapentin & Pregabalin). Anyway I was all excited about the weight loss aspect but couldn’t tolerate the drug at all. Made me feel worse than usual and put my tinnitus right up.

The only one I seem to tolerate well is Amitriptyline.

Pat x (currently 11 stone 12 lb… before MS I was usually around 10 stone )

I’m not saying but weight gain from 10st has been scary as hell, adds to my £…ed state of mind at the momenttake care, Mand be safe

Thanks Pat

I seem to be the same as you thought I had put on over a stone but after being weighed by th was 10lbs making me 11stone 10lb.

I havent heard of topomax but weight loss would be good.

Karen xx