Pregablin ???

Hi everyone

I suffer with leg pain, and was put on Gabapentin for it. Over the months my pain increased, so they increased the dose. Yet again my pain increased, and again they increased the dose. This continued for several months until 1 GP I saw looked into it & discovered Gabapentin can cause pain in some people, and was advised not to take it again.

I have now been put on Pregablin, I started on 50gms 3 times a day for a week, and then 100mgs 3 times a day from then on if needed. For the first few days on the 50mgs, pain had eased, and I thought 50mgs would be enough. But as the week went on, my pain returned so I increased to the 100mgs. Now a week into taking 100mgs, my pain has returned.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, not sure what I should do.

Also was just wondering does anyone drink alcohol whilst taking Pregablin, not a heavy drinker, but like a glass of wine (or 2) on the weekend.

Any help much appreciated.

Andrea xx

Hi Andrea,

I’ve too have tried Gabapentin & Pregabalin to relieve pain (that I’ve been experiencing since late 2009) but sadly neither worked for me. In fact I’ve now tried over 12 different medications to deal with this symptom and nothing has been effective so far (including Sativex - hoping the cannabis-related content would help).

I also like the occasional glass of wine and my GP was perfectly happy that the amount I was talking about would not be enough to effect any medication.

I’ve pretty much given up on any tablet/spray working so I don’t take anything at present. Funny thing is, the pain is no better or worse as a result?!

I’ve just finished reading an e-book called “Explain Pain” (by David Butler) that was recommended by a clinician, and although it hasn’t come up with a magic formula for dealing with this, it has helped with my understanding of the issue and is changing the way I deal with pain.

It can be purchased from the NOI Group website ( and may be some help?

I’m so sorry I don’t know of a fix - all I can say for sure is that pain is a very personal thing and there’s plenty of us experiencing it !!

Hope you find an answer?



Hi Andrea. Sos to say I too have had most of drugs for leg pains including patches used for Parkinsons, have to agree with Dom, I dont take anything at mo, (still dealing with side effects of previous medication), & pain still a prob but Im coping. Didnt like the horrible other problems they created, MS bad enough!!! Besides, would rather be in the room than out of it, so to speak!! If pain unbearable persevere, if you can manage I would ditch the drugs. Been without since january at least pain mine, not created by other drugs!!! Tracey xx