Ms and nights out

Hi what is about ms and alcohol i went out last night to my local about 1 mile from home. Not big night out just a few beers but the walk home was a nightmare my legs took on a life of their own it seemed that every step i took the more drunk my legs made me look. I kept looking down and thinking what’s going on down there. Just another weird fact between ms and reality. Neil

Same with me. I went out last weekend with friends. One leg just did not behave. My husband bought me home otherwise I wouldn’t have made it ! I associated it with tiredness. Dancing being on feet all night? As well as alcohol

I used to enjoy nights out with the lads, especially around this time of the year, but those days have now gone.

The last time I went out with the lads from work was early in the year to watch rugby and have a couple on pints afterwards, but it didnt turn out like that, at half-time I went to the toilets and found that my legs had almost frozen solid, I could barley move them, so it was a phone call to my wife and help getting back to the car, I had drunk just over 1 pint !!

I didnt even bother going to our Xmas shut down party, which is a great day out all paid for including the beer, I was even offered a taxi to get me there and home but I know I would of felt conscious all day .

I’m not sure if the alcohol is the problem because if I have a drink in the house it definitely relaxes me and I’m not so stiff, I think the problem for me is muscle fatigue when trying to keep up with everyone else, so in the end my legs just refuse to work.

MS will eventually effect every part of our life, whether that be physical, emotional or social.

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Tanks for your replys makes me feel better knowing that I’m not alone.

Hiya I much so want to reply but will need to wait til I am computer! I feel so blessed that I in powerchair and only half of me works! Regulars knew know what I mean! Newbies I am not being sarcastic! Fab last line jactac! Ellie

as i look drunk when i’m sober, i quite enjoy actually BEING drunk.

although the old bladder hates it!

My cousin who also has MS goes out for a drink every weekend, with no adverse effects what so ever, her mobility is very very good considering the amount of lesions she has in her brain.

I think her symptoms tend to lay dormant for months, but then when they do flare up she’s wiped out for weeks on end, but in between she’s very good.

Then theres my sister who again has MS, now she’s pretty much like me, likes to socialise and have a drink but has had to admit defeat.

Probably a good thing really cos she’s an absolute nutter when in drink mode !!!

hiya again i hardly drink-through choice, nowt to do with ms but like carole, when i do have 1/2 it causes havoc with my bladder. pads are a wonderful thing! i was out in a city on fri-took 2 kids to see sleeping beauty. i am still aunty e and am expected to fulfill that role (by them and me!) we went into a well known chain to eat-bouncers on the door-brill helpful service. jactac is correct-it can does take over everything but you are the one in control of how you deal with it. personally i never use the word fight cos i am not fighting anything preferring to accept and find plan b or c or d or e… am i for real?! i cant be happy living with ms surely? well, i am happy! ms lives with me-i was here first. i am not in denial-i am very well aware as to how cruel ms can be. ellie (with one working eye, one side of body working and doubly incontinent BUT i know that life is for living-not just existing so i getting on with it as best i can) that includes a drink knowing the consequences!


I don’t go out drinking with the lads anymore. A combination of life style choice and the MS. One drink these days and I’m anybody’s (a cheap date). My drinking these days is mainly restricted to a glass or red wine or two at home. The red wine doesn’t cause nearly as much havoc to my bladder as beer does. Just thinking about having a beer is enough to make me start running to the loo. I must admit I don’t really miss it. It does annoy me though if we’re out at something or other and folk offer you a drink,

“Ah go on”,

“no thanks, I’ll have an orange juice”,

“nah, have a beer”,

“no thanks, just get me an orange juice”,

“nah, have a beer”.

“it’s difficult enough to stand as it is, if I have one beer, I’ll probably fall over, please get me an orange juice”,

if I were to tell the whole truth, I’d probably say,

“My legs don’t work properly. My bladder doesn’t work properly. if I have a beer, I’ll probably pi55 myself”,

which I’m sure would be a conversation stopper.



I can definitely tick that box mate, and that was without a bloody beer !

I could not put it better.

My balance and stability plus bladder are rubbish without booze, with booze the risks far outweigh the benefits, therefore most of my drinking takes place within 14 foot of the loo and easy reach of solid furniture or hand holds (which won’t lead to a smack in the mouth)

If that means I am a miserable old humbug, I can cope with that. My proper friends also can cope and don’t bleat or come to my place for a drink.

All the best to one & all



that made me laugh! i am a tad further down the line these days and am ok with saying-i dont need to rush to find a loo-i have p’d but u need to go an q for ??? mins!

hey-my real friends laugh with me-not at!

cheers all!


I should have added that folk who know me well don’t insist of me having a drink. They know me well enough. It’s the well-meaning but not-listening distance acquaintance that tends to be the problem. The last time was at my cousin’s birthday night out when a guy who didn’t know me insisting on buying me an alcoholic drink. I had had 2 red wines and was starting to feel the effects of them, so didn’t need and certainly didn’t want another. This guy was like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, “ach, go on, go on, go”. I was on the point of replying “ach, fexx off, fexx off” and battering him with my crutch, when my brother came over, started chatting and distracted him.


this is interesting.

After reading that link I’ve decided to dip my fish fingers in a glass of Vodka before consuming

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