Hi all - just a little moan as I seem to have lost my tolerance to alcohol. I went out to friends last night for indian takeaway, a few glasses and a much needed giggle. I drank a bottle of white and today I’m paying the price with worsened symptoms when I’d thought I was improving

I’m numb/feel weird all over, buzzy/electrified all over, twitching away and having many jerky spasms plus a rubbish bladder.

One of the first strange things that happened to me early November before my downward slide was an over reaction to alcohol, puking etc on not very much having always coped well before.

My own fault but still depressing! Grumble grumble grumble…


Hi Deb, I’m the same, can’t touch wine or beer/lager anymore, but can tolerate the occassional clear spirit with a big mixer. Can’t even drown our sorrows now eh? What a b***er!

I’ve found that my tolerance to alcohol varies loads. Of course this means that you have to keep trying it…


Of course…I’m no quitter! lol x

My GP suggested I gradually re-introduce it to build up tolerance! I don’t think he was advocating getting rat ased, but I was a little surprised!

I am dutifully starting this tonight with a little tipple

solemn voice I greatly admire your courage. It must have been a very difficult decision.

You OK today???

Karen x

I’m willing to give it a go if you are?! Got a bottle of red at the ready…(bought it for the casserolle), but can’t put it ALL in there can I?!

Alka selzer at the ready…

Let’s do it hunny, we’ll go boldly forward hand in hand (or glass in hand) as your doctor advised.

Karen, it was a very difficult decision indeed but what swung it was knowing my tolerance will have to be very high by next Wednesday when I get the results of my spine mri. As for how I am - I’m far less tired than Nov/Dec and working ok but my jerky spazzies are increasing again and today on school trip my right thigh went stiff and crampy for the first time. Not impressed with my body at all but ever chirpy in the main, thank you.

How are you today?


Hey Deb, you’re on! I’ve got my spine mri on Thursday evening and an echocardiogram on Friday morning. Stopped smoking 9 weeks ago, and need some bloody relief!!! Might try it with a drop of water though…

Good on ya. I’m two large glasses in and doing well, even managed to put a contraception choices PowerPoint together for tomorrow’s sex ed lesson!!

Hope the pics aren’t too rude



Before I started getting really ill, I used to go out with my mates every Thursday, Friday, Saterday and Sunday, but now I cant even look at it without my tummy grumbling at me as if to say please dont touch that stuff, its like my body tells me the way to go :slight_smile: x

Kylie x

How are you doing hunny? I have to admit the advice is working well for me so far. Cheers! xx

well…sounds like its bottoms up for everyone then! lol We can all blame the GP on her marvellous suggestion…! I am awaiting a dx but also agree my tolerance to alcohol is not good…worse with red wine but not too bad with Vodka(wahey) and mixer…apart from a mega hangover which is out of proportion to what I consumed…usually ahve a bad night…jumpy, spasms in left leg…shooting pains in my groin into my thigh…aching shoulder…and I lay there thinking was it worth it…absolutely!!..hehe…x

Hiya Debc

I’m doing ok! Managed a glass of half red/half water each night now! Sleeping better and so far NO bad effects! Whoopie! Doesn’t sound much does it, but, baby steps…