No alcohol, yet told I'm drunk

Well, talk about embarrassing! I’ve mentioned before how bad my speech can be? I’m still trying to come to terms with it I think , and still learning how to deal with it. Last night, we all went to a farewell meal for my brother who’s moving to New Zealand next week. It was nice, I’m sat there eating my meal and chatting. My sis in law, who’s more chatty than me ( which I can’t believe as I can chat for England), is talking and I’ve giving my responses. All of a sudden this wave of ‘brain shorting out’ feeling came over me. My speech was slurry and I couldn’t think straight. I was asked by about 3 people ‘are you pi@#ed?’. I was drinking coke, I can’t have alcohol at all as I’m so sensitive to it. Gets home later and son says the same to me! Even my husband! I was so embarrassed! To top it all, I started with numbness in my bottome lip. So whenever I take a sip of my drink, I spill it down my self. Omg! Sometimes, my body drives me nuts! I’m starting to see the funny side, but trying to explain to people, in a pub, that I’m not drunk when I sound plastered is no easy task lol! :s the joys!

Alcohol free inebriation! I’ve experienced that a bit myself. I bet it doesn’t happen the other way round -drunkards being asked if they have MS… I hope you had a good time despite all that x

I can totally sympathise! I haven’t drunk alcohol for years as it makes me feel totally pants, but if I walk unaided I look like I’ve beenin the pub all day!

If I ever go out for a meal or to a pub (a very rare occasion these days) I dread having to go to the toilet as I have to use walls tables etc to help me (I try not to take my crutches to places like this) and just feel as if everyone thinks I’m drunk!!

I also talk rubbish in a weird way sometimes, so this doesn’t exactly help!!

I suppose all we can do is laugh!


there is a popular ms t-shirt which says “i’m not drunk. i have ms.”

i just wish i could have one that says “i don’t have ms. i’m drunk!”

if only eh?




Hmmmm…I’m now considering having my own t-shirt printed, saying “I am not drunk - I have many neurological symptoms, that the NHS do not understand and refuse to continue to investigate”.

Would have to be quite a big t-shirt, but bearing in mind the weight I’ve put on lately I don’t think that will be a problem!!!

Haha, Purpledot lol. I did laugh when I got the visual of a t shirt with a train :slight_smile: Pigpen - totally cool idea, it has crossed my mind. Today I was out and heard an old couple behind me, the old woman said to her fella 'drunk already '!!! Not my weekend at all lol. Reiki blossom- it was alright, it was brilliant having my brothers here, but I just was inwardly annoyed at myself. You know how sometimes you just want a day off? :slight_smile: I dread to think what people would be thinking if I was ever in a pub and actually had 1 alcoholic drink…I’d have a job convincing people ‘I’ve only had one!’ I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. Today I’ve rested a lot in between doing things. I’m quite tired today. Hugs to all of you xxxxx

I sometimes feel like I seem drunk (not great at work) but no one has ever mentioned it. My husband the other day said to me though “I can always tell when you are not feeling well cos you look like you have been out on a 3 day drinking bender when I know you haven’t!” Who needs enemies, eh? Leah :smiley:

Aw no! :wink: I get dizziness, loss of balance and slurred speech…yep, my husband( WHO KNOWS I DONT DRINK!!) thought I was !?! Honestly, I feel for you. Sometimes it’s unbelievable what we have to put up with. I am seeing the funny side now :slight_smile: still think MS Society needs to make the ‘I’m not drunk…I have MS’ tee shirts :wink: like pigpen and Purpledot said about xxx. Put one on order for me x

Beverly you need to go get tested for Celiac disease. When you have Celiac disease your liver enzymes will be off the charts and you will appear to be a heavy drinker! This is serious and will require a lifestyle change if it proves to be what it is. Here in the US all public hospitals do the test for free, so hopefully its the same there. You do need to get it checked right away, that is the best and most probable starting point I think.