Help I feel drunk!.. And not in a good way!

Hello everyone :wink: I have woken up this mornng, got out of bed and felt like I have been on the sauce! My head feel heavy, my eyes seem to take a bit longer to focus and i feel really off balance when I walk. I am fine sittng but as soon as I get up, off it goes. I joke, but actually it feels horrible. I have to work in a bit and I am a bit worried! Is this an MS symptom? Xx

Hope your feeling better soon

Tracy x

I concur with Sarah, it’s definitely MS related and pops up out of the blue.

The only thing I can do is sit quietly with my head rested on the back of the sofa. No quick movements or glancing around or I feel as though I could hurl. I find that I also feel very disconnected from everything - holding a conversation is very difficult and concentrating on TV almost impossible. Then like magic it goes away and I’m back to “normal”


I had this problem and also occassional slurry speach which did make me seem properly drunk! I wouldn’t advise having a drink though - i did and practically rolled home with the dodgy balance. It passed after a few weeks. Take care x

i can sympathise with you hope your feeling better soon i was going to spaeak to my ms nurse about it but obviously its easter week,

i get this feeling that i sway to one side have to move my head different to talk to people,

something else i get it when looking at my key board it seems to be raised in the middle i know its probably no help to you but it seems a lot of people get these effects x


It’s a hazard. I am often interested how people worry in case others percieve that they are drunk.

I think, if it’s a good day, have a drink.

If it’s a bad day, have a drink.