Feeling drunk

I had a long and intense day at work on weds and by the end I was feeling drunk. Only way I can describe it - unclear speaking, rambling conversation and I even started singing! I was trying really hard to remain calm so I didn’t feel too distressed, just really weird. Realise it has happened before and I didn’t know why, which was more frightening. It was like time slipped - in my pyjamas by 7pm and it felt like midnight - sound familiar? Having a v bad day today - still a hangover ??? Thanks x

In my first bad relapse there lots of bits of the day missing. I don’t know half of what I did. I had to pass 3 hours until I was die at mums don’t know what I did. I remember taking the pram and my dog and falling round. Next bits a blank. The remember falling and hitting my head in the toilet and crying. I know I could lift a glass then my mum giving me wine (they thought it was stress) things started working the more alcohol I had/ the following 2 days I’ve no recollection at all.

Hi, I had that drunk feeling on and off for about nine years after I was first diagnosed. It was truly distressing but my neuro said he had never had anyone else with ms have it. I was tested for an ear infection, urine infection, sight tests and then told it was probably due to balance issues. I regularly posted on here trying to find anyone else with ms that also experienced this but I never found anyone. I then thought I must be experiencing the brain fog that was often mentioned on this site but a much worse version. Actually, the only thing that seemed to help was alcohol…! I started taking LDN 5 years ago because my walking, fatigue and hands were deterating rapidly and I was willing to try anything. I didn’t take it for the brain fog/drunk feeling but within a week that awful, awful drunk feeling went and has not returned. I have been taking LDN ever since. It has done nothing for my walking (now in a wheelchair) or the fatigue and I am unable to hold a pen, peel a spud or carrot or cut my food up (I now have a carer that helps me shower and get dressed and cooks me a dinner every day) but I still take LDN because I don’t ever want that drunk feeling to come back. Do you take LDN? It may not work for you on that drunk feeling but it did for me. Hope you find something that helps for you. Tracy

I think I know what your on about, you go into a silly mode and can say things if sober you know you would not say, also thinking is not rational and a slightly all over the place with a little dizzyness or light headedness but not really vertigo.

I dunno what causes this I thought quickest thing to happen is slight brain inflammation so I pop a 500mg Ibuprofen and for me

it calms everything down.

Been there too, got accused of caring for my toddler son yrs ago whilst being drunk and actually had police called by someone in the street.

What fun we have with this damn MS