Brain Fog?

Hi Everyone

I had a flare-up on Monday but luckily the weak symptoms only lasted a few hours and by the time I saw my MS nurse on Tuesday I was virtually back to the way I was before it happened, my problem is I now have terrible brain fog and am finding it difficult to deal with. I constantly feel like I have been drinking and get mixed up easily. I am due to return to work on Monday since my fatigue is starting to get better but if this is still here I have no idea how I will cope. Does anyone have any advice regarding this anything would be great.

Many thanks


Hi Claire, I had the drunk feeling for nearly two years. I practically begged my neuro for help because it was so bad. My neuro told me at the time he had never heard of anyone with MS telling him they felt “drunk” and had never come across brain fog before…!!! This was about six years ago and I was posting every week on here begging for help. I started taking LDN because my walking was deterating rapidly. LDN didn’t really do much for my walking and I am a full time wheelchair user now but it did have the unexpected effect of stopping that bloody awful drunk feeling in about a week of starting to take it. When I get really stressed the brain fog can return but it only lasts for a while and when I calm down it goes. I don’t know if you already take LDN and it may not work for you but it really did work for me in the drunk feeling department.