is it the drugs or MS?

Hi folks

I feel hungover/drunk and it’s not alcohol, is it the drugs or this disease? Apparently that’s a good question well give me the damned answer

Going to hell in a handcarttake care folks, the truth is out there,M

Awwww poor you M. Yep, its a very good question. My only answer is it could be either Be strong M and I hope it passes quickly.



Cheers for your support, it appears it’s a flare up so they are uping the pregabalin. More fuzzy brain but symptoms /pain are a bit betterHave a good day and take careM

Hey M, Sorry that you’re having a rough ride atm - hope the increased Pregabalin does the trick. A fuzzy brain is no surprise whether it’s the meds or the disease unfortunately! Hope you are starting to feel better! Teresa xx

Sorry you not well love. Hope you feel lots better soon.

I’m also stuggling… maybe it’s the time of year? Or maybe not?

Anyway M sending you my love,

Pat x

Hi guys

I’d love to say all is well but not sure I can stand the side effects of the drugs, which are actually helping the pain. My brain is in an unpleasant fog, I’m doing less of everything to try and rest.I’m still here just slightly subued!

I wonder Pat if it is a time of the year or maybe a viral thing

Take care, M

There are loads of horrible viruses around M - my boys have brought several home and my 18yo currently has a chest infection. The brain fog is vile but maybe preferable to pain? Maybe your body will get used to the increased dose and then the fuzziness may improve. I am sorry you’re struggling - all you can do is what you are doing, rest! Look after yourself, Teresa xx

Hi M, I think we both might have had a virus… and our £ucked up immune systems don’t give us the symtoms that other non-MS people get.

My legs have been very weak and I’ve been dizzy & cog fog. Bit better today though.

Wishing you well darling. Remember, this too will pass… and in the meantime rest, rest, rest.

Thinking of you and sending love,

Pat x

Notice above how a clever use of the £ sign lets you say exactly what you want to say!!!

Sometimes only the £-word will do!

Pat x

Very clever indeed Pat and I shall be using it with abandon from now on

So useful the £ sign/word/letter!!

I’m going with virus… I am not sure Teresa pain or brain fog, I give you 'One flew over the cuckoo’s nest., it appears to be a temporary dip, hell to be here but this too will passTake care everyone, M

Hi everyone

Well it seems like quite a few of us are feeling c**p at the moment, I

think we all need something to cheer us up, but for the life of me I cant

think what, how pathetic is that! Just had a brainwave and thought of

something…get ms to p**s off out of our lives.

I really behaved myself over Christmas, didn’t overdo it at all, and then

boxing day went downhill with a bump, and it’s been hard since. In fact,

if I could get my leg up…I would give myself a kick up the bum!

Hope everyone feels better soon, take care and Pat I love the £word.

Pam x

I do hope everyone is starting to feel a bit better - especially you M and Pat. I hate it when you guys are feeling crap. Now loads of you have probably got snow. Insult to injury! Chin up girls! Teresa xx

Cheers guys you are the best and actually make things more bearable.Didn’t mean to pass on my misery BUT I can’t actually get the MS Society letter (Nov.2012) out of my head**, ‘I shouldn’t be telling you this for another 10 years’** that doesn’t help ‘Amiloride and phenytoin could give new hope to people with progressive MS’ I was managing better on very little hope, does that make sense?

Take care folks and be safeM

Yes M makes absolutely makes sense… hope can be hard! You’re not passing on your misery darling, it’s always lovely to see you on here… and really this is one place where we can really say how we feel. In ‘real life’ I think I spend most of my time pretending I feel better than I do. Nobody understands like this little gang.

Hang on in there hon.

I’m having quiet time… even quieter than usual. Fatigue as usual… that horrid mix of fatigue and restlessness.

Lots of love M and all you Golden Gang,

Pat xxx

Yes I understand that too M. It feels like there could be possible hope out there but what if we do get our hopes up and it is dashed again! How do we deal with that bitter disappointment. I try to say ‘I’m fine’ most days to people who ask as they do not really want the truth or do not understand at all. My sister really tries hard though! Bless her! I don’t usually suffer too badly with fatigue but today has been tough - hope it is not so bad for my neurophysio appointment tomorrow. Glad you guys understand! Love and hugs, Teresa

Let us know how you get on at neurophysio Teresa.

Love to all,

Pat x

Hi Teresa,

Fingers crossed you’re okay to go tomorrow. I have my first physio appointment tomorrow…not looking forard to it as am still ‘with catheter’. Never mind. Will be thinking of you.



Hi guys

There is life in this old *** yet, I got my hair cut/styled (it will never look this way again), lightened my mood a bitAt least it will be easier managed, I’m seeing my MS nurse on Friday. They have nothing to offer but somewhere to chat about where I am at- my gang already know. Have I said recently that you are the very bestTake care care, be safeI’m with guysAbsolutely cream crackered now

Hi M, hope the MS nurse visit goes well. Yep they can’t offer anything but I think it’s great to talk to someone who actually listens!!!

Haven’t heard the ‘cream crackered’ expression for years! Love it!

Take care sweetie,

Pat xx