Good and hellish!

Hi guys, Last, Monday and Tuesday was lovely. Lunch then Pimms, dinner lovely too much. Breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner. Breakfast and home. You know we have days when you think ‘just leave me with the MS, I can manage that’? Well a viral thing… feel like s££t ache all over everything gone to hell in a handcart! But today folksthe sun is shinning and a chum is picking me up for lunch. to all, paracetamol, something for a dry cough and ibuprofen, I’m going out for lunch no twin set or pearls. M

te he te he… love the ‘no twin set or pearls’!!!

Glad you had a lovely time away M… but sorry you have a virus. Oh doesn’t MS hate a virus!!!

Hope you have nice time today out at lunch and all the med’s work. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are a great combo…

I’m off to see bladder and bowel nurse. That is the extent of my social life…

Sun shining in London…

Pat xx

Your trip sounds lovely M! Sorry you’re not feeling so well with a virus though. Hope lunch was good and you had a good time with your friend! The sunshine has been great the last two days but I think rain is coming tomorrow… Take care, Teresa xx

Hi folks, we sat out in the SUN for lunch yesterday, it was lovely hadn’t seen her for months!! People have such busy lives hope all went well Pat with your trip! I’m very grumpy and tired this morning I had to be up early and my brain/body is protesting… My neighbour brought in carrot cake on Mondayso how about in 30mins or so we share this lovely cake? Take care, be safe M

MMMMMMMMMMMM… thank your neighbour M… that cake is delicious…

Glad you sat in the sunshine hon… my trip went very well thank you. Posted ‘Maiden Voyage’.

Funny how when I worked I was up at 7am every weekday… often earlier… but I find early mornings so hard now. Is it the med’s or the MS?

Take care hon and have a nice day,

Pat x