Are we having a good weekend?

Hi gang… hope everyone is ok and having a good weekend?

Mick, I hope you’re feeling a bit better? All that medication kicked in?

I’m having a quiet day on my own (what a change from my usual social flurry… lol…) but determined to have a good one.

Been bucketing down here in London… but a hazy sun is now trying it’s hardest to shine. Might take the mob-scooter out for a spin and get something yummy to eat… (once I find the energy to get dressed… )

Have a good one,

Pat x

Good morning Pat

I am having a good weekend, cheers. I hope you manage to stay dry and safe. I am a very nervous tennis fan, I’ll not be able to watch but you know me I live in hope!! I am very sorry to mention the T word.

Enjoy your weekend, M

Hi Pat

Sun out here hubby just had 60th birthday. daughter did a bbq for us, we where blest the sun was out all day friday had rain all day she was worryed 12 of us trying to get in small sitting room.

But luck on our side (for once ) sun out.I had to have 40 winks before tennis came on poor murry l did feel for him. maybe next year. I hope you are all keeping well, my legs are playing silly and don t want to move.

Take care all


Hi Jan, nice to hear from you. Yes poor Murrey. I’m not a tennis fan but was rooting for him.

Glad you had nice party for your hubby. to him!

We’ve had sunshine and heavy showers. Managed to get out on the scooter with friend to Nandos which was nice, esp as I had got half a chicken free on ‘rewards’ card. Then got caught in downpour on way home. Oh well, was nice to get out and bought two furry cushions for new sofa… lol… it’s like ‘homes and gardens’ here (only without the garden…but got a billion houseplants so sort of indoor garden).

Hope legs behave themselves soon,

Pat xx