Good Weekend for me

We have had a lovely weekend

I had my midwifes appointment on Friday and everything is looking good with my pregnancy only 8 weeks to go now .Then we went to friends for a bbq they are also expecting baby number 2 in August so it was nice to compair notes.

Yesterday I felt better than I have for ages managed Tesco on my own had a lovely snooze in the garden before we went out for a dinner date night.Today we went to the park I managed to walk to the swings just with a stick for balance we booked my little girls birthday party at the soft play centre and had lunch out too.

Its felt like a little holiday I feel more in control of my symptoms than I have lately its amazing the difference a bit of sun makes.

Ellie xx

Hi Ellie Your right the sun does make you feel better…must be all the vitamin D! Good to hear bump is doing well and your feeling so positive, enjoy the rest of your weekend :slight_smile: Laura x

BRAVO Ellie,here’s hoping this continues for you.Were the blokes doing the BBQ ?

Best wishes,

Wb xx

Hi Ellie

Glad you had a lovely weekend. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.

Kind regards

Tracey xx

Hi Ellie, how lovely!

Best wishes to you and your`s.

Hope your little girl has a great birthday.

You`ve got a busy time ahead, so look after yourself and enjoy everything!

luv Pollx