Pregnant again and what a relief


Well we did it again I have had my 12 week scan and it feels safe to make the announcement that number two is due in August.

Its really tricky after being diagnosed to know if we should call a halt to our family or carry on regardless it just felt right to try and complete our little family sooner rather than later so we are both really thrilled to hear that things seem to be going well.Other people especially my inlaws seem less sure that we are doing the right thing but hay.

I feel better when I am pregnant and it seems to dampen my symptoms a bit I am still wobbly and have continenece problems but that seems to be my new normal and I can cope with that.

Hope everyones ok Ellie x

Massive congratulations hun. If its what you want and as a couple you know what you can cope with so sure you’ll be fine. Best of luck and happy pregnancy. I loved being pregnant with my little boy. He is now three, it goes too fast. Take care and enjoy xxx

Congratulations Ellie, Lovely news - hope you have a problem- free pregnancy and a lovely, healthy baby! Teresa xx

Congratulations, lovely news. Sam x


Ellie, Congrats to you both - you must be thrilled. Now - don’t forget to keep taking your vitd3 - not forgetting your little one as well.

l am positive that my vitamin d3 deficiency was the probable start of my ms - l was pregnant with my daughter - 30yrs ago. Still having trouble getting my levels up. Just google vitamin d3 deficiency ms - pregnant - see what the info is.

l stopped at one baby - as l was having lots of ms problems and l had SPMS and also l was 36 - and did not think l would be able to cope with another pregnancy.Friends and neighbours helped me lots. But l do often wish l had been braver and had another.


Congratulations, hope it all goes well for you. Don’t worry about what other people think. You have done the right thing for you and your family. Cheryl:-)

Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all of you and don’t worry about what other people think just be happy for you xxx


Congratulations - it’s great to hear some good news!

Jody x

Congrates on your pregnancy. I would love to have another one but can’t since I had a hystrectonomy.

Congratulations to you all, lovely to see nice news. Karen x

Congrats and enjoy. They used to say having two only doubles the workload. I think it is more of a triple case!

Also, was reading somewhere pregnancy does dampen down MS symptoms but be aware in some cases it can revert back post birth, so always get that support network in place!

Hope the morning sickness isn’t too bad.



Ellie congratulations! Very exciting news. Karina xx


Karen x

So pleased for you.

There are no little people in my life yet and I do feel life is so much brighter, and Christmas has its magic back when they are around.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Take care


And it`s congrats from me too.

I have also heard that pregnancy often dampens down MS symptoms.

Good luck to you and your`s.

luv Pollx


So many positive messages which is so lovely thank you very much.I wonder if we are mad but it feels that MS has robbed me of so much and I am not going to let it take having a family too.

Ellie xx