A bit of good news :)

Hi all

I am very, very pleased to announce that I am 13 weeks pregnant (well 13 weeks tomorrow) with my first baby!

I am absolutely over the moon

I found out I was pregnant on 9th June and was diagnosed with RRMS on 13th June - what a week of bombshells that was! We had been trying for a baby for some time, so we are absolutely thrilled. Plus, it’s taken the edge off my diagnosis somewhat!

Due on 18th Feb - my sister-in-law’s birthday :slight_smile:

PG xx

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hi PG


it is said that your ms symptoms subside whilst you are pregnant so enjoy!!

i agree that having something else to dominate your thoughts helps cope with a dx of ms.

lovely to read something so happy on here.

carole x

hi pandagal

fantastic news! many congrats to you. i am a dad of 3, and it really helprs put things into perspective. have been having fun playng games with mine only this morning. our youngest is 3, and i would love another one, but have been firmly told ‘NO!’.

on another positive note, i’ve read that pregnancy alleviates a lot of MS symptoms, so double congrats!

really pleased for you- enjoy it and take care

all the best, fluffyollie x

Thanks guys! I am enjoying being pregnant! Although not so much the bloated-but-not-pregnant look my stomach has taken on recently! I just look extra chubby at the moment!

Still, a small price to pay for something my husband and I have wanted for so long :slight_smile:


Congratulations it’s always nice to hear of a new baby, my son was born in Feb we were knee high in snow.

Best wishes

Jan x

Fantastic news, congratulations! All the best to you, your husband and the Pandacub-bump :slight_smile:

Congratulations PG it’s so lovely to hear good news. Just a by the by when I was pregnant I had no symptoms at all.



Congratulations, how nice to read such good news.


Ahh - pandacub :slight_smile: Love it!

Thanks everyone! I am just so, so happy. Had a scan last week - it was amazing to see the baby moving about and stretching. I kept laughing because I just couldn’t believe what a little fidget he/she was!

MS symptoms seem pretty mild at the moment. Having a few stabbing pains in my feet and hands, but nothing too odd.

Lol - it seems my bladder is overactive when not pregnant because of the MS and is overactive now because I’m pregnant.

I am destined to spend my whole life in the loo!!

PG xx

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lovely to hear some good news xxxx

Thats simply lovely Congratulations!!!


Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Hi pandagal - I am sorry it took me so long to come and say …


but could not log on to site since it was redone.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful time!

Leah xxx

So glad I can finally reply but BIG congratulations x x x babies are lovely and such a blessing x x x

Congrats great news x