new Mum new Ms sufferer

Well i am racing towards being a new Mum and coping with MS too.

Mercifully all of the MS symptoms I had seem to be slowly resolving themselves and with three weeks to go I feel better than in about 12 months.

My vision is so much better still not what it was especially in dim light but liveable with and my balance has improved.I still get numbness in my feet and can be staggery in the evening especially if I am tired but at 8 months I can live with it.I had another consultant and neurologist appointment today and they are going to check on the baby in two weeks and if things look favourable induce labour then so I dont get too tired.If things dont look favourable they will check weekly but really dont want me to go over due.I would love to give birth naturally it feels like my body has already let me down so i really want to do this and my doctors are keen to support me in avoiding a c section if possible.

So fingers crossed we will be ok x

Hi, good luck and hope you can have a natural birth, but whatever happens your baby will be beautiful I’m sure. Take care. Karen x

hello…and welcome ! best of luck with the birth…sounds like you have lots of support and understanding drs too…sorry to hear of your dx…hope your symptoms settle some more for you and you get to put your feet up when you can Hun… hope all goes well and you can go fora natural delivery…but if it doesn’t work out…be gentle on yourself…hopefully little one will join the world as you wish…hehe do let us know your progress. e x

Well done Elliebb for wanting to go for a natural birth - it’s great the doctors are behind you. I do hope everything works out as planned. Please keep us posted. We’re all routing that things go as smoothly as possible.



Well done for the natural birth, it’s great your symptoms have subsided for you, let’s hope they continue subsiding once you’ve had your baby,

You are very lucky that your doc’s are supporting you through it all.

I wish you the very, very best and send (((HUGS))) fior you and baby,



Aww! all the very bestest wishes from me xxxxxjenxxxxx

Just wanted to wish you good luck. Whatever sort of birth you have you will still have a beautiful baby at the end of it. None of my kids births went how I wanted them too but once they are here it doesn’t matter. Take lucozade tablets with you they are a godsend. Hope it all goes well. Xx

not great news about the ms but big congratulations on impending birth. try for natural as better for ms with quicker recovery but not one of my birth plans worked so please don’t get to hung up on it what ever mode of arrival it’s the actual arrival that is important! hope all goes to plan and that your symptoms have disappeared by then. be very kind to yourself and ask for lots of help in fact move your closest female in! I did and it really helped. don’t expect too much of yourself in the early days it’s exhausting enough without the ms. please let us know how you get on xxx