A bit of good news (not really MS related)

Off to see the neuro on Friday for possible dx, probable more ‘wait and see’.

I had been totally stressing about it until I found out I am pregnant a week or so ago. I know it’s early days, and nothing is set in stone, but I am so happy! I also know I shouldn’t really be telling anyone, but I am bursting with it and thought the anonymity of posting it here was perfect

So, MS can do one. I don’t care about the MS even one little bit right now!!


Oh many, many congrats to you hun! That`s wonderful news. I have read, but dont promise, that MS symptoms can fade during pregnancy. I hope so luv.


Congratulations, that is wonderful news…exciting times ahead


Congratulations! Lovely news. Xxxx

Congratulations lovely news, babies cheer everyone x

What great news, congratulations… Happy to share in your joy. Lou x