good news

Hi everyone just wanted to share my good news my scan shows no change since last time so although i dont have an appointment till jan im pretty sure that this means it cant be ms - am i right??

Hope everyone else thats waiting for results also get good news.

Really sorry, but I can’t remember your history - my memory sucks :frowning:

Congrats on the good news :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hi, sorry but my scans showed no changes for years, but i am labelled with a highly probable PPMS tag, as I`ve had tests for everything else and MS is all that is left to pin my problems on.

I know this won`t be what you wanna hear, love.

luv Pollx

thats fab news. have your symptoms improved? did you have a lumbar puncture tht was okay also? its great to hear some positive stories on here!

Congratulations, the best news you could hear, I’m happy for you.

Thanks for giving me both sides of the story, I havent got an appointment with my neurologist till end of Jan so maybe i should hold off on the celebrations till Ive had a bit more info than a one line letter!!!