Neuro Appointment Today

Hi I saw my neuro today to get results of the MRI I had done a few weeks ago. I know that he has been suspecting progressive MS for the last year but today he said that the scan showed that my lesion in my neck area had disappeared. I asked then why is the spasticity still there and he reckoned that there must be some residual damage there from the attack that I had nearly 5 years ago. Essentially I must have had an isolated incident that has cleared up on MRI but left some neurological damage. This would also explain why 95% os my symptoms have gone and I am just left with right leg spasticity which gives rise to a bit of a limp!

Moyna x

Hi Moyna, goodness that must have been something of a surprise. So is he now saying you don’t have MS? Did you ever have an LP?

It must be a huge relief! How are you feeling about it?

Did he give any prognosis?

Sorry questions questions…it must be an amazing feeling! I assume it means you will be left with the spasiticity and limp but otherwise there will be no further progression. WOW!

Take care hon… you must be in a state of shock!

Pat x

Wow Moyna - this sounds very positive. Hopefully this means no MS? Let us know how it goes with the neuro. Teresa xx

Thank God someone got good news from a neuroM

Sorry, I read this wrong - you have seen the neuro already. Ignore me (having a blonde moment!). Teresa xx

What a relief for you. I’m with Pat when she asked about the lumbar puncture. I don’t want to worry or bring you down from the high you’re probably on now but I wouldn’t like anyone else to go through what I did. MRI didn’t confirm, VEP fine, went home, reassured family and friends, employers etc I then had LP results which was positive and now I’m retracing my steps.

Please note that I’m really pleased for you. If that’s negative though you can really sit back knowing for definite. I feel like a big black cloud on your happy day but experiences like I had aren’t great.

Take care

Cath x

Thanks everyone. Yes I have 2 LPs, the last one in 2012 and both were negative for OC bands. Brain scans have been fine too. I just had this area on my cervical cord which looked like a lesion.

I had an attack in November 2008 which floored me with numbness, weakness, jelly legs and severe bowel issues. GP thought it was virus so i did not see a neuro at the time. I recovered after about 8 weeks (95%) and went skiing etc. It was only 9 months later that I noticed a leg heaviness / foot drop only after a long walk. Spasticity was obviously developing and continued to get worse up until about 9 months ago. This has sort of plateaued now.

Thanks for all your replies.

Moyna x

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Hope they get it sorted soon… damn those kitchen spammers!!!

Pat x

I’m so pleased Moyna. You must be so relieved. Do they know what’s causing the problems?

Hi Moyna.

sending my love and support, as you have always done for me.

luv Pollx

Hi Moyna,

Sounds like really good news, so pleased for you.

Pam x