MS looks unlikely - lesion gone!

I folks, I saw neuro today to get results of recent scan. The first thing he said was it’s good news. The cervical lesion which caused my problems seems to have rectified itself. It was not present on the MRI! I asked then why is the spasticity still present - residual problems from the attack. He reckons that I have had an attack such as myeltitis (nearly 5 years ago). This is good news as what ever it was looks unlikely to be progressive. I am so pleased although I have felt very optimistic since the LP was clear. I just wish that I could get rid of the limp!

Moyna x

That’s good news Monya, very happy for you , must be a big relief. Good luck with everything moving forward.

Laura x

Good news :slight_smile: Sam x

Hi Moyna… also replied to you on the PP board… amazing news!!!

Congrat’s hon,

Pat x

I did reply to you Monya, but every post I made last night was held! Really good news, must be a big relief for you. Best of luck moving forward. Laura x

Good news x

Thanks all of you so much for your replies. I am very relieved. I want to pursue botox or even surgery to help with the spasticity although neuro was a bit sceptical. i have read good reports on both and intend on getting a second opionion from an orthopedic guy.

Moyna x

Great news, Moyna :slight_smile: Really pleased for you xxx

Hi Moyna - Just reading your post - some similarities to my case I have been ill after a virus for 4 years now - seeig neuro over this period - saw him about ten days ago and my next step is an LP - transverse myelitus seems to be the diagnosis at the moment. I had a full spinal MRI about a year ago but nothing showed although he did mention whatever infection may have been present could have cleared 3 years on. Have always been reluctant to have LP but now feel its the only way forward. My main symptom is spacicity in my lower leg, this i unerstand can be the residual effect of TM. Goog Luck H.

glad you have your happy news, good luck with everything else x