Maybe it isn't MS after all? No more lesions on mri!

Myelitis 8 years ago…loads of dreadful symptoms for the last 8 years… two attacks of optic neuritis in the last 6 months but my neuro has just written to me to say my MRI scans of the brain and spine are not showing any more lesions than the original patch in my neck 8 years ago…So surely that means that when I see him for a review on friday he will say it isn’t MS… right? Or am I dreaming?


I am guessing you are in remission so no more lesions would appear. I might have this completely wrong but that is my thinking.

Good luck and take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Bizzylee, you are the same as me!

My problem started in April 2008 - weak right ankle and bowel frequemcy. Then in NOV 2008 went numb down left side weak on right. Felt exhausted too. After 12 weeks I was fine again. Then in Nov 2009 started to notice foot drop. This has progressed. Had MRI in 2011 and lesion was seen on cervical neck only. Another MRI in 2012 it was still there. Had a clear LP too. Then in 2013 June the lesion is away. On the right leg only I have poor ankle dorsoflextion, poor knee flexion and poor hip flexion too. Calf spasticity too. Nerve damage remains but MRI appears normal now. One neuro said that I had myelitis another says it is from radiation I had 23 years ago! Please tell me your story.


Moyna xxx