No MS without spinal lesions?

Is this correct? That without spinal lesions then you are unlikely to have MS? This is what my neuro has written to me saying. He also states in the letter that when he previously diagnosed me with brisk reflexes, as did my GP, he is now interpreting them as within normal range even though he hasn’t re-examined them since. Have to say I am very confused right now. I’ll be very happy if it’s not MS but none of what he is saying makes any sense to me.

Usual disclaimer here -I am not an expert and I don’t know your particular history or is his statement a combination of things and should be read in that way? ie is he saying that if you had X symptoms (mobility issues perhaps???) AND it was MS, then there would be spinal lesions. Obviously you can have MS without spinal lesions - many on here do.

Mind you, from what you have said about him now and previously, he does appear to have the bedside manner of a poorly socialised whelk :slight_smile: If I was in your position, I might be looking at getting a referral to someone else or even (although it goes against all of my principles) having a private consultation if there is no alternative.

Thank you for replying. I love your whelk description…very appropriate I think :slight_smile:

You may be right about him thinking symptoms match spinal issue but that was clear therefore not MS. The only symptom he mentioned in this letter was my legs which are stiff, weak and the right calf cramps, so it seems that’s what he’s focused on. Shame he seems to have forgotten the balance/dizziness, brain fog, numbness of right side of my face and chest etc

It also seems very bizarre that he changed his own diagnosis of brisk reflexes. I had them tested years ago, can’t remember why now but they were normal, yet the only reason I got a neuro referral was because my gp said they were brisk this time too. It’s almost like, well that symptom doesn’t fit his box so let’s disregard it!

He has ordered NCS/EMG and also at my request a brain MRI. I’m very happy that my spinal scan is clear but I don’t think I can relax until I see that the brain is also clear.


I am really glad that you are going to have a brain MRI. Some consultants just haven’t got a clue about the stress people are under do they? I have been pretty lucky with mine over the past 6 years or so. My current consultant is absolutely lovely - I bumped into her in the lift at the hospital yesterday and she gave me a big hug and kiss - but my very first consultant in London was a charmless robot of a man who had me in tears. It wouldn’t have so bad if he had been anything gets near accurate with his preliminary diagnosis.

I have a neuro with a similar selective hearing, was at a nerve conduc study wednesday and the girl said I was being tested for carpal tunnel; how would that explain my symptoms in my face and leg I asked, she didnt know what to say!

​they don’t half talk a load of &$#? Don’t they, not anyone on here but some of the so called experts(consultants an the likes ) .the first neurologist I met said every one had had trouble with pain,memory,pain,shakes and trailing leg ,speech,as the brain can only handle so much as it then gets over loaded.I ask you?mind u he was a locum from the Ukraine.I went out to the car and burst out crying.hubby took me home then to me to my g p she was so angry at him she was so angry.result was next day different hospital phoned and said an appointment with a new neurologist had been made for me so now the rest is history New doctor actually apologized for the first one at the different hospital.

My neuro is also a locum. He only comes to my local hospital once every month or two according to the secretary. I googled him and he works at a private hospital in London as his usual day job. I bet he listens a bit better when the money jingles

I do wander if they’re just not paying attention, or maybe that some symptoms are more relevant than others. I have no idea. I just wish mine would take an extra 2 or 3 minutes to speak to me like a fellow human being and explain things to me. Not much to ask I don’t think!

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Tiny little update: I’ve just spoken to the neuro secretary to chase up a nerve test appointment and I’ve been informed that my neuro is no longer doing locum work and I’m being placed with another consultant… woohoo!! I am absolutely over the moon lol she also informed me that as a result I won’t be left waiting weeks for results again

I was diagnosed with only a head MRI (no lumbar puncture or lumbar MRI ) - it seems neurologists all seem to work in different ways!

Lilbill can I ask what your symptoms were? An earlier post about perhaps my symptoms point to a specific area lesion has got me thinking.