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Good evening all. Has anyone heard of a diagnosis of MS with a “normal” MRI ??? Is it possible to have MS with a “reassuringly normal MRI” BUT lots of symptoms and very brisk asymetric reflexes??? Thanks :!:

Sarah. Thank you for your kind response. It appears that we may have a lot in common. Would I be asking too much that we could have a private chat? I am fed up of all this and would welcome a chat with someone who undesrtands. Thank you Shanaz (Lenin)

Lenin wrote:

Good evening all. Has anyone heard of a diagnosis of MS with a “normal” MRI ??? Is it possible to have MS with a “reassuringly normal MRI” BUT lots of symptoms and very brisk asymetric reflexes??? Thanks :!:

I’ve heard of a diagnosis of MS with a normal MRI, but it’s pretty rare. Normally it’s given because it’s the best explanation available. However, that’s not always such a great thing to happen. Once you’re given a diagnosis, they usually stop looking for another one that might fit your symptoms & results better. And that means that they might not be offering the best treatment. Your neuro should have some ideas about what else it might be - and refer you accordingly if it’s definitely not neurological (e.g. neuromuscular, metabolic, etc). However, I’ve heard of quite a few people whose MS symptoms appear well in advance of the appearance of lesions on MRI - they get a diagnosis many years later. I hope that, whatever happens, you don’t have to wait too long. Karen x

Karen. Thank you , it was a great help. I fear that is what might happen. As I have positive Hoffmans, asymetric very brisk reflexes and have been told “it is definitly something very neurological” I think my neuro was expecting lesions to show, hence the “reassuringly normal”. I do not want MS but would feel happier having some sort of diagnosis. I have not been symptom free since Feb 2010 and I am on Pregablin. Sincere kind regards

tinglygirl. I have sent you a private message. Wishing you well Lenin

Have you had a spinal MRI? (Full spine preferably.) Kx

I had a C spine , but not a full spine which showed nothing significant. regards

Hi, ten years ago I had a second opinion with an MS specialist. After examining me he wrote in my notes I think this is MS. On examination he found optic atrophy due to previous retrobulbar neuritis. Positive babinski sign, spastic paresis, also spasticity right arm, nystagmus and a brisk jaw jerk. He admitted me into hospital and after a week of more tests told me he thought it was MS, but rare not to show lesions on MRI. The optic atrophy did show on my MRI. I was given IV steroids. I was told he thought I had a problem in a critical area and with a basically normal MRI 98% sure it was MS, but we had to keep an open mind. I was also told not to worry as it would be benign. However, it was always me who thought it wasn’t MS. I was with the MS specialist for four years, my mobility problems progressed and then discharged and told it couldn’t be MS. A red flag in diagnosing MS is the longer you go with a normal MRI and your symptoms are progressing the less likely it is MS. It took eleven years of increasing mobility problems before anyone suggested a full spinal MRI to me. Jacqui xx

Sorry , not so good today Jackie. Thanks for reply , but not sure what you are saying. Are you diagnosed with MS or not? I spoke with Dr today who said due to a problem he had identified with my eye , brisk reflexes etc he felt sure that it is MS although not yet so dramatic as to show on MRI . He mentioned EV tests. He added that there was something very significant and neurologicsl going on , but that he would await guidance from the neuro when I see him in 2 weeks. Confusing , isn’t it! xx :?