Will I get a diagnosis

I am seeing a Neuro on Monday and not sure what to expect.

I have had a CT and MRI which have showed some abnormalities.

Whoever interpreted the MRI said it was likely to be MS according to my GP.

My reflexes were deemed to be brisk when the GP tested them.

My main symptom is a tremor in my left hand and some drop foot in my left leg.

Other than that I am pretty much OK.


Prepare yourself for possibly/probably not. As I recently explained to another poster (Froo), even textbook signs aren’t usually sufficient by themselves for a confirmed diagnosis. This is because they only capture a snapshot in time, and don’t prove that it’s a recurring or ongoing problem (the “multiple” part of MS).

So even if you have signs consistent with MS, it may still be the case that you can’t be diagnosed without more, to be absolutely certain it couldn’t be just a blip.

I wouldn’t like to say for sure that you absolutely couldn’t be diagnosed (a few here have been diagnosed very quickly, apparently without the typical wait-and-see) but I think it’s more likely that judgement will be reserved until there’s evidence to show it couldn’t be a one-off. It’s possible to have an MS-like attack, but NOT go on to be diagnosed with MS, because there’s no evidence of it ever happening again.

Diagnosis is usually more of a process than an event, often spanning months, or even longer. Also there are a few rare things that look like MS, but aren’t. The neuro would have to be absolutely sure it couldn’t be one of those rarer things, before deciding on MS, and may want you to have further tests.

Sorry I can’t tell you yes or no. My own experience was that I think my neuro was pretty sure I’d turn out to have MS on the day he first met me, but he wasn’t able to make a formal diagnosis for about another eight months.

I hope it goes as well as may be on Monday, whatever happens, but that if there’s no definite answer, you will understand why.


Thanks Tina.

Whatever is going on has been doing so for at least two years but has become more trouble some in the last six months hence me seeing my GP in January.


Hi Yvonne,

The trouble is, they won’t take into account anything before you went to the doctor.

It doesn’t mean they don’t believe you that stuff was going on for ages, but the patient’s own reports don’t count as “medical evidence” for the purposes of diagnosis, because they weren’t independently confirmed by anyone.

Most patients don’t deliberately lie, but there’s still a risk they might be mistaken, or the earlier symptoms could have been unrelated - if nobody ever investigated, there’s no way to be sure, so it’s not considered a “safe” basis for diagnosis.




I’m very recently diagnosed, I know from talking to others that they’ve had to play the long waiting game, the only reason I got a fast diagnoses ( a bolt from the blue) was because with my first set of symptoms,making my left side go numb, I was sent to the hospital with a suspected stroke. a CT scan was done showing a black spot. They we’re unsure what it was but couldn’t rule out a TIA I was almost recovered a week later when a second more severe attack happened landing me on the acute stroke ward where I was well looked after and more test (CT, contrast MRI, lumbar puncture) were done.I because they had previous scans to compare and I was so hard hit, they we’re able to diagnose me quickly.

I do hope you get to find out the problem sooner rather than later and hope you remain well for a good long time x

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I have had my neuro appt. and he has confirmed MS.He thinks that I have had it for 20 + years at least looking at the MRI.

Had lots of bloods taken and will have a LP in the near future.

I also have a MS nurse now.

At least you have a diagnoses you can start working with and hopefully you’ll get the sport you need. Sending you hugs xx

Hi, as Jude said at least you have a dxand can focus on that. Unfortunately I wasn’t given a dx, so I’m still none the wiser I had my appointment today too. It’s very frustrating as I had an mri in April and although it showed possibility of demyelination I was told I have to have another as she wants to investigate further. Another 10-12 week wait I was told. I’ve had problems for 2 years now and I git a bit emotional so was also told to go back to go and get anti depressants

It’s such a struggle :frowning:

But it is good that you at least finally have answers that’s one less stress keep well :slight_smile:

I am hoping that as it seems to have been present for years without much issue it will remain the same.

It was a bit scary seeing the huge white blob in my brain though !