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Hi everyone, I’m in a bit of a strange place. I went to the doctor yesterday because my foot stopped working about a month ago. It’s numb and I can’t raise it from the ankle (drop foot). Although the doctor did suggest that I shouldn’t be too worried about it being MS, he did say some things that left me a little confused.

My symptoms don’t seem to present as anything related to a back problem, or a brain injury. The foot just stopped working out of the blue. He also suggested it shouldn’t be a blood related issue, as circulation was ‘lovely’ and feet warm etc.

Instead of suggesting I have a MRI scan, the doctor has suggested I go for electro stuff, to pass electric through my nerves in my leg/shin, I think to see if there’s a blockage. I imagine this is to eliminate any possibility that it’s a localised nerve problem, rather than early signs of MS? It’s also probably a lot cheaper for the NHS than doing an MRI.

He also said (in a follow up phone call, that included the suggestion of electro stuff) that we should also talk about diagnosis, and whether or not I want to actually be diagnosed with MS officially (should that be the case). I felt the doctor was being quite cautious not to suggest I have MS until I see the neurologist, however the fact he mentioned this makes me wonder whether he was ‘letting me down lightly’. I’m just not sure at this point. He mentioned I might not want to get an official diagnosis because it can have negative implications on insurance, mortgages etc.

I realise I should probably just hang fire until I see the neurologist, but I just have a feeling from the way the doctor spoke to me, an the look in his eyes, that he thinks this is MS. Do you think I should talk to him again, just to get some clarity on why he thinks an MRI scan isn’t worth it? I’m a bit confused. Is the MRI scan not worth it because he thinks it isn’t MS or that he thinks it likely IS? Is it just that it’s the cheaper option at this time?

Has anyone been in a similar situation to this?

Just feel in a bit of a strange place.


Hi matti, I experienced the same situation as you over 12 months ago I developed foot drop out of the blue I couldn’t drive and was struggling to walk without falling. I was completely numb from the knee down with sensations of pins and needles. I was experiencing dizziness and other symptoms. I went to my GP who said that my circulation was fine but my reflexes had completely gone and I couldn’t feel the gp’s touch either. The GP never offered me an MRI and didn’t say much to what he thought was causing the foot drop and other symptoms he just said it appears to be drop foot and needs to be investigated. I was referred to a neurologist who did the electro test By the time I went for results 4 months later I was able to lift my foot and was gaining feeling back. The neuro classed this as a one off occurrence and said the other symptoms I was experiencing were unrelated. Which brings us to today over the 12 months the dizziness got worse the pains in my arms were like shooting electricity, numbness in face and extreme pain and cramping of my legs which is constant not to mention the fatigue. Then the foot drop re-appeared almost 5 weeks ago I went straight to the GP who saw me last time he immediately referred me back to a neurologist I went to the appointment 3 weeks later. The neurologist is now sending me for an MRI of my brain and spine as the symptoms and the re occurrence of the foot drop now needs investigation more to get a diagnosis. I’m now waiting for the appointment to come through for this. So I’m thinking that you may be dealing with the same thing as me I would say wait for the neurologist appointment and ask them to do an MRI as well as the electro to save you having to wait 12 months like me to continue getting symptoms and then for the return of foot drop. Hope you get sorted and everything goes well for you. Adam

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I agree with you that hanging fire unitl you’ve seen the neurologist is exactly what you should do. Second-guessing isn’t going to get you any for’arder, and is more likely to confuse matters than to provide you with any real reassurance.

You’re in the system now, so I think it is just a matter of buckling in for the ride, and see what emerges.

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time and hope that you do not have to wait too long to see a neurologist.


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Hey Adam, thank you for the response. I’ll take all of your words into consideration. I realise it’s quite an emotional place to be in. Like my post title suggests, I’m in a middle place. I might not belong here, but I might. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. x

Thank you Alison. I really appreciate your response. I agree that I’ve just got to buckle in and see what emerges. I could just be nerve damage, I’m not sure why, but it could be.

Thank you for the response, it means a lot atm.


I’ve just read your response in more detail. I will do those things you’ve suggested. I really do appreciate your words. x