I’m new and I’m looking on here following a neurology appt last Thursday. I was referred because I had tingling toes for 2-3 months over Christmas. Basically the symptoms have to have a neurological cause because it was both feet - I have previously had numbness in my toe and thigh and tingling hands and fingers (diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome). So, my latest symptoms are extremely mild and if the others are linked they were also very mild and span more than 20 years.

The neurologist basically said that it would be MS unless proved otherwise but because my symptoms are so mild and I am now fine she didn’t want ot put me through the stress of tests and diagnosis as if/when it was proved nothing would be done. I’m happy with this unless it’s foolish not to know or there is something I should be doing to help prevent any future problems.

Does anybody have any thoughts/advice for me?


Hello and welcome.

The thing I would certainly do is go back to your GP.Your GP can recommend a MRI scan of the brain.A CAT scan will not show up as much detail as the MRI scan.

You do not need a neuro to say if you need an MRI or not.

Even if the MRI came back no problems this could help ease your worry and stress of not knowing what is wrong.Then maybe your GP can recommend something else in test form.

I hope this helps?


Hello Charlie, thank you for your response. I’m happy to go back to the GP and I think I could have insisted on being tested if I’d wanted to. The neurologist did take some bloods, she said that if there was a problem with these bloods or I had another episode that lasted 3 or more days then she would MRI my spine and brain. Essentially I have been told that I have MS but it’s so mild that a formal diagnosis and treatment would not be a benefit to me. She actually said ‘we do the tests and I will find lesions. You have MS, so what! We’re not going to do anything anyway’.

I can live with not knowing I just want to make sure that I don’t miss out on things I should be doing. Do you know if there are there things that I should do / lifestyles changes I can make to try and remain healthy?

Thank you so much. x

My old GP kept sending me for blood tests of which everyone came back clear and he told me your simply getting old.

I knew there was more to it than that.Changed GPs and now I am getting the help I so needed.

MS can be mild for weeks,months even years,you could have a relapse for the next few days or weeks then have nothing major for years.I had mild symptoms then relapses,then mild,then felt more like me for some years.There is no sure steady symptom of MS.Im not trying to scare you.

Personaly I would want to know for sure,I have had my MRI,VER test and just waiting on the lumbar puncture.Although my GP has told me I do have MS.My MRI showed many lesions on the brain.I am also being treated for MS.

As for life style etc,gosh I am a loss myself to explain this one,my MS is so bad I can only think of what I need to do day by day.Make sure I take my meds on time,rest when my body tells me to.My physio gave me a few simple exercises to do when I wake in the morning.

My best advice if you did have MS was to live life as full and as happy as you can.Just rest and listen to your body.

There are diets that help with some MSers,I have to avoid all dairy products like cheese and milk.I can have goats cheese and milk.

I am sure others can input for you and steer you in the right direction.


Hi there,

I was told recently that my MS is currently mild and the best thing for me to do is exercise and eat healthy. Nowadays, I eat more fish, salad, fruit (lots of red grapes) and drink lots of water and OJ. I don’t feel my background symptoms of pins/needles/numbness if I eat healthy rather than craving in to my sweet tooth. I also take things a lot slower rather than rushing…this has helped me lots. I also avoid stress and tend not to let things get to me.

I hope your MS continues to remain mild.