In limbo - awaiting diagnosis

Hey everyone, I’m new to the site and have just joined up. I’ve been having problems since mid August time when I went abroad on holiday and sustained a bad injury playing football (Ruptured achilles). The achilles has long since healed but since the accident I have not been able to move my foot or toes in my left leg and have a confirmed diagnosis of drop foot. The doctors were perplexed and have told me this is related to nerve damage and that it can in no way be related to my accident.

Nearly three months on, I still have numbness and tingling in my foot but no motor function at all. I have had an MRI scan of my spine which was clear and nerve conduction tests showed the peroneal nerve in my left leg was conducting right into my foot but that the conduction was ‘weak’. I got these results on Friday last week and I now also have a little numbness and tingling in a secondary site in the fingertips of my left hand although motor function is currently unaffected. The hospital consultant examined my arm and advised i also have a global weakness in my arm and that it may be linked to the weakness im experiencing in my left leg. Unfortunately, the drop foot was also confirmed as being permanent with no chance of recovery.

It was at this point he enquired if there was any history of MS in my family (which there isn’t) but he explained the weakness could be attributable to a neve disease and a stripping of the myelin sheath around the nerves. I am now being referred to a neurologist for a full brain scan and further tests but am really worried after he mentioned MS as being a possibility. Is it possible to diagnose such a serious illness with just numbness and tingling as symptoms? Im still not convinced my drop foot has no link to the achilles injury I sustained but the doctors are adamant that it cannot be linked in any way and that the nerve issues im experiencing are a totally separate issue.

Does anyone have any similar experiences they’d like to share? Im obviously very worried and just the thought i could be diagnosed with MS is causing me a lot of anxiety. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.



Hi Mark, I just wanted to say try not to worry too much (easier said I know!) all the worry and anxiety could end up making your symptoms worse. Even if your symptoms are down to MS (and they may well not be) it isn’t the end of life as you know it. It may mean making a few adjustments but there is no reason your life can’t carry on just as it is now. The doctors will figure it out but there are so many things that need to be eliminated first. Take each day at a time, be kind to yourself and try to stay positive. Best of luck. L

Sorry don’t know why that came up anon! L

Hi Mark, I’m afraid I don’t have much help to offer - but bumping you to top of the page as I saw your test message about this post going missing

PG xx

Hello Mark. This must be a worrying time for you at the moment. I’m afraid its a waiting game though, just a case of seeing what neuro says and what further scan/tests show. Sometimes traumas like what happened to you can trigger neurological problems. I’m sorry the drop foot is permanent…that is bad luck for you.

I wish you all the best and hope things get sorted for you soon. Try and take it one day at a time…I hope your getting plenty of support. Take care, Noreen

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Was a bit wary of posting, but glad I did :slight_smile: Im waiting on the neuro appointment to come through (about 4 weeks im told) and will post again once I have been to see the neurologist in Chester.


Hi again Mark. Feel free to come on anytime even if you just want to chat…it doesn’t have to be about MS. Have a look on the every day living link, I go on there more. There will always be someone happy to have a natter or share a joke. Help keep you distracted while your waiting for appointment. Noreen

Mark if you are seeing dr doran at chester - my friend says he was great. I have been between wrexham and walton so can’t speak from personal opinion chin up!!!

Hi birdlady, Im not sure who Im seeing at Chester but hopefully Dr Doran going on your feedback above :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

Hi again birdlady, I found out that the neurological services at Chester are provided by four visiting neurologists from Walton in Liverpool. What was your experience with the neurologists you have been seen by at Walton?

A bad injury can cause nerve damage. I know someone with foot drop after a knee surgery went wrong. I have foot drop which came on very slowly. Mine is due to spasticity in calf muscle refusing to relax enough for me to be able to lift my foot up. I have total feeling in my foot, I dont have an MS dx although I do have a lesion on my spine. At the beginning I had several sprains on the ankle caused by weakness there and they thought the sprains were causing the foot drop.

Have you had any symptoms before the ankle injury ? To be honest I dont thinks it sounds MS like.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna, thanks for your post. The peroneal nerve which is causing my drop foot wasn’t damaged during the injury. The nerve conduction tests have totally ruled this possibility out. It is a weakness in the nerves (conduction rates) which has caused the drop foot and is why they now suspect a nerve disease. There’s no trauma to the nerves involved at all. I also now have the same symptoms in my left hand too so the doctors are 100% certain it is not related to my achilles injury. To be honest I haven’t a clue whats going on ha. Was just shocked the consultant mentioned MS and was quite blunt about it. Guess will have to be patient and wait for the neurologists opinion. I do hope you’re right though, fingers crossed.

Hi Mark! My neuro’s bedside manner left a lot to be desired… BUT my GP (who is wonderful) said his wife was treated by same neuro. He said the neuro is a very clever guy but says he lacks bedside manner. But i have not been fobbed off and i do feel they are being thorough. At wrexham the wait for MRI was 18 weeks but 4 weeks at walton, so i went there for the MRI. The wait may be different at chester but you can find out by ringing their MRI dept - that’s if they refer you for an MRI. at least you are on the road to finding out what is causing your symptoms!! :slight_smile: