Awaiting diagnosis

Hello, I am currently awaiting ct results after my mri the Dr think I’m am suffering from a very bad upper neurological they dropped it that I’m showing alot of symptoms of a relapse of Ms. I have little sensation in my leg. It actually feels like it belongs to someone else. I can’t wiggle my toes either. A few days ago it felt like someone was gripping and holding my leg so tight I couldn’t move. I was walking home at the time but my husband had to pick me up as I was physically stuck on the street I have also had two falls where my leg just went and gave way. I have had a tremor on and off for two years but ignored it, as My son is 10 and in a wheelchair with a neuromquscular disorder Nd I kinda felt everyone would blame me if I gave it to him.(I know I shouldn’t feel this) but now it is really affecting me, especially when trying to do fine motor activities My question is does anyone have any advice to help I’m so fatigued I have two kids and trying to get to start my own business, but some days I struggle to get out of bed and sit there jus looking for at the wall as I can’t even seem to follow programmes my brain just wants to switch off I am also struggling to drive with lack of power in leg and constant tremor. The Dr said I have a long road ahead of me but can’t imagine what it must feel like to be this weak continually.Im struggling to get to care for my son as I don’t feel like I have ever the strength to lift him and this is breaking my heart. If anyone as any advice I would be so appreciate as I am struggling Thank you

Hi Smokey

I’m so sorry you’ve got all this worry about your own health when you already have a disabled child. Life’s just not playing fair sometimes.

You’ve mentioned the doctor, is that a neurologist? Or have you yet to see a neuro?

You may not know this, but there are many diagnoses that share symptoms with MS, so don’t accept that you have MS until it’s actually diagnosed. And as you have recognised, there may be some way to go before you finally have an answer.

If you find that it is MS, by no means would it, or should it, mean that you have ‘given’ your son his disorder. You’ve not said what he has, but although some auto immune diseases mean your offspring have a slightly higher chance of also getting that disorder, it is only a slightly higher chance. And that’s to inherit the same AI disease. And whatever your son has is not MS, so in no way could what he has be attributed to an inheritance from you.

Fatigue is something that is very hard to cope with, and it sounds like you have an incredibly busy life, what with children and a new business. Have a look at It may be that you don’t have MS, but fatigue management is similar regardless of the cause of the fatigue. And the key to managing fatigue really is looking at everything you do, and finding ways of getting the absolute essentials done whilst cutting out (or at least cutting down) the nonessential. Plus getting sufficient rest.

I hope you manage to cope with your husband’s help during your period of diagnosis. Obviously it would be a good thing if it’s not MS, but instead something nice and easy to resolve. But if it is MS, at least once diagnosed, you can now get some decent disease modifying drugs to help manage relapses.