Please help

Hello, please help as feel I maybe going mad. My leg started going numb and tingling a couple of months ago it feels like it belongs to someone else and have lost Alot of power.i also couldn’t wiggle toes for a week but I can now. When laying on back with legs straight I can only lift slightly then it shakes like mad. Also when walking it feels like someone keeps grabbing my leg for a couple of seconds then let’s go. I have had a tremor in hands for sometime but mainly when holding an object. I had a nerve conduction test and it showed weakness in my leg but I got freaked out and never returned. When these symptoms flared up again I thought I had a prolapsed disc again but the back specialist said my reflexs were extremely brisk and put me forward for an MRI. I am a carer for my son who has a very rare undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder and is now a full time wheel chair user. I just feel so weak and tired please if anyone has any advice can u help?

Hello Smokey

We can’t tell you whether your symptoms are due to MS or in fact to any neurological cause. The problem is basically, that there are so many symptoms that could be attributed to MS which are also shared with other diagnoses, often non neurological disorders. Even something as relatively simple as a vitamin deficiency can cause symptoms which look like MS (I’m thinking of B12 and D here).

Only a neurologist can diagnose MS, and only then after a series of tests, including MRI but also a physical neurological examination. Is your back specialist also a neurologist? And have you been referred for a head MRI or just the spine?

It seems that in your position it all hinges on the results of this MRI. Once you have that, you, can move on with diagnosis of what’s wrong.


Oh love, I do feel for you!

I’m wondering if you could get some care help from social services?

Go for the MRI and see what occurs after that.