Help needed pls

Hi all, This is the first time I’ve been on any forum! Trying not to panic (again) but referred to a neurologist again. First time was last yr when I lost all peripheral vision and had severe instant numbness in several places - face, hand, throat. Went to hospital and sent home. No diagnosis. Following this I then woke up one morning to find my left lower leg completely numb but with all power - lucky!!! But still scary as ****. Referred to a neurologist but tests - nerve function and MRI all ‘normal’. Was pretty much told to go home and get on with it and it would all be fine. A year later and all my symptoms have returned, with a lovely ‘MS hug’ which presented before then disappeared. Have a new referral now just waiting. I am just a bit freaked out. I’m pretending not to be - with my mum and especially with work, but probably need some support. I, and the Dr, are pretty sure it’s MS but I suppose I’m really wondering what other tests I can have done and how I make sure I’m not sent away without a diagnosis again. I know my symptoms are relatively pathetic but I need some advice. Thanks x

Hi Caggie and welcome to the forum

I am sorry to hear your symptoms have returned, you will find lots of support on this forum.

It’s understandable you are feeling freaked out, having symptoms (which don’t sound pathetic) and not knowing what’s happening is hard. The neuro may want to repeat the test’s you have had before, to see if anything has changed. There is also the lumbar puncture which some neuro’s use to diagnose.

When you get your appointment throughyou may want to take a brief list of your symptoms in the order they started, it will help the neuro get a good understanding of your history. Also if you have any questions, write them down, nothing worse than thinking of something you wanted to ask on the wrong side of the door!

I hope it all goes well for you and you get some answers soon, best of luck.

Laura x