Waiting for MRI results

Hi Everyone,

My first time posting here currently waiting for my MRI results from Salford neurology department. For years I have had lots of strange symptoms pins and needles, painful legs, cramps, balance issues, vertigo and eye problems. About a year ago I suddenly got a gradual pins and needles feeling from my toes to my knee with numbness this then developed into foot drop, I got referred for a neurology appointment and they recommended physio and foot drop splint which after a few months went away with the occasional pins and needles in my leg on and off. About 2 months ago it all happened again the foot drop came back I then got referred back to neurologist this time I took a list of my symptoms I’ve been having for years along with the foot drop that was visible. She took one look at my foot and list of symptoms and sent me for an MRI and now I just feel I’m waiting and waiting for something they should of done a year ago.


Hi Adam,

every ones journey to answers seems to be different. However it sound like things are heading in the right direction. I had my MRI at Salford in the summer, which shows an issue which may not be MS though. I am due to see my neuro next in Feb.

stay strong i hope you recieve some answers soon

Hi Adam, the wait can be a pain in the butt. Fill that time with distractions, doing things you enjoy and hanging out with family and friends. The time will soon go by and you’ll be nearer your answers. I hope all goes well for you mate.

Hello Adam

It does drive people wild with fear and worry, the period of waiting for results. It does seem that the MRI and/or other tests should have been done a year ago. But at the time you probably weren’t worried about the possibility of MS or any other more significant neurological disorder. So you could count the year as a bonus, a time that you could just live with some symptoms, but no fear of a serious diagnosis.

I do hope you get the answers you need soon. Let us know what happens.