Brain MRI has no lesions

Hi everyone I ended up being sent to hospital by my gp on Wednesday, I’m still here. At lunchtime today they did a head/brain MRI. At 4.55pm the consultants assistant ran by and had literally a 10 second conversation with me where she said the MRI looks promising but I have to stay in due to my symptoms. I asked if that meant no lesions and she said yes. Does no lesions mean no MS? As glad as I am thinking that, I’m also worried as to why my foot and part of my ankle had gone numb, why I have tingling in my face and fingers, the headaches and optic neuritis (ON is back again after 8wks), the fatigue and weakness, the tightness in my leg and the general confusion/lack of concentration. I’m not going to find out more until Monday, but presume they will continue with the daily Methylprednisolone IV drips. Not sure if they’ll be doing a lumber puncture now. Sorry for waffling on, I’m trying to make sense of what’s happening but it’s hard to concentrate on it. Everyday I’m off work is another day unpaid, which I can’t afford right now! Thanks in advance for any and all help and words of wisdom!!


Hi moniebravo, afraid I don’t have any answers (being in limbo myself) but just wanted to reply and say you’re being thought of!

Do hope you get some answers soon! X

No lesions is a GOOD thing. It doesn’t clear you from an MS diagnosis completely but it certainly steers you away from it. I hope that’s what you want to hear. Let the doctors do their thing and hopefully they will get to the bottom of it.

Thanks everyone. I definitely wanted to hear no lesions! I just don’t want to go through the weekend in hospital thinking that I’m clear of an MS diagnosis now only for the consultant to say something else on Monday. I’m so, so happy that there’s no lesions on my brain. I hope it’s good news for all of you too. Thanks again for the support x

No lesions is good . Someone I worked with had symptoms which made the doctors think she had had a stroke. She had not. She with rehab, got 100% better. Luckily she never had the ‘is it ms’, as far as I know. I have got an understanding or ms, but, not one of body doing stuff with no reason ! Other than it seems to happen. I can empathise with your frustration re why.

ok, so quick initial looks at your mri’s can not be relied on but…where ever this ends, no obvious lisions is something to celebrate! It means …little if any damage.


Not wishing to be a doom-monger here but prior to diagnosis my initial MRI was clear. The problem was worsening though and by the time I was invited to my consultant’s clinic where she formally told me that the scan was clear, my symptoms had worsened to the point that I’d lost all feeling and motor function down my right side.

I was admitted to Addenbrookes as an inpatient, they ran another scan but this time with contrast, i.e. a dye put into the blood. This revealed that there were multiple lesions in my brain and spinal chord, they were just being a bit sneaky and hiding!

Good luck with everything