MRI no lesions but referral to MS clinic

Hi there,

I have an MRI done (without contrast) as my neurologist suspected MS may be the cause of my symptoms. My MRI seems to be clear from what he thinks but he believes I need a referral to the MS clinic as he said sometimes MS can be undetectable on an MRI? I have never heard of this and assumed it was black and white in diagnosing. Anyone have experience with this? The clinic takes quite some time to get into he said so it will be more waiting :frowning:
Has anyone had an MRI without contrast that looked clear but still had MS? Is the contrast essential in seeing lesions? I was feeling optimistic but now am quite confused

Chances are youi’ll be offered a lumbar puncture next.

Hi,my 2 MS lesions kept hidden for 22 years…only got 2 but they have wreaked havoc in my body.

How did they find them? Eventually they showed up on an MRI? Did they diagnose you before they showed up?