MRI without contrast

for suspected MS, is this ok? I was under the impression I would be having contrast but have just spoken to the appointment centre and she said definitely no contrast. I have my appointment on sat 14th dec. Can they see lesions if they were there without contrast?

I’ve had two brain mri and never had contrast and they could see my lesions fine, had a back mri and had contrast then because I’d had a disc out years ago, hope that helps

Thank you. I’m just worried as you read conflicting info everywhere and don’t want them to miss anything finally after 2 years feeling like i’m getting somewhere xx

I had my MRI with contrast on head and full spine yesterday and was told it had to be done? So I am confused also.

I had head with contrast but spine without

I have a friend who has MS and was diagnosed without contrast. Apparantley the contrast highlights new lesions but old ones should be seen without. Who knows. Just don’t want to have it done and not show anything if there is something to be seen!

When I asked the radiologist yesterday what would happen if I didn’t then she said it would’ve been like doing half a test and it defo needed doing? I’m not sure why some ask for it without.

I had mine done without and nothing showed also on a 1.5t machine A

Contrast just shows if lesions are active. Quite often they start without contrast and if they think they need it they will put it in. I was told they would call me back withing 24 hours if the needed to repeat with contrast.

Moyna xxx

My first MRI was after a trip to the spinal unit and contrast didn’t even get mentioned, I was given a likely Dx based on that. The brain MRI was booked by the neuro and he didn’t mention contrast either. Having seen both MRI’s, I would not have needed contrast.

Yes, I heard it was something along those lines Moyna :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Is it worth mentioning to the radiographer then that they are looking for MS and see what they say? Is it the neuro/gp decision with or without contrast or the radiographer? It’s my GP who has referred me for an MRI because my neuro is months behind on her appointments x