hello everyone

I’m hoping that somebody will be able to give me some advice about having an MRI scan next week. I have been unwell for about four weeks with many symptoms of MS I am having a non-contrast MRI and wondered whether this would show up active symptoms?

I’m not aware really of many symptoms before this although I suspect I probably have , As I am unwell at the moment would a non-contrast MRI show this? I am funding this privately and don’t want to pay again for one with contrast.

Many thanks for any replies

It depends on the resonance of the scanner. Most NHS SCANNERS are 1.5 Tesla, being you’re going private it probably will be 3 T; which is very good; no need for contrast.

If you do have inflammation at the time of the MRI, it should show up on the scan. And although people have started saying you need a 3T scanner, I was recently told that it’s not necessary. A 1.5 or 2 Tesla scanner should still show up active inflammation. Contrast helps to differentiate white patches, but the jury’s out as to whether contrast dye is a good thing or not.

I’d go ahead with the scan you have booked. Don’t worry about contrast or not, or the strength of the scanner.

If you get a negative result on the scan it won’t be because of the type of scan, you can question the neurologist on this point when you have the post scan appointment. Getting this information direct from the neuro should put your fears to rest.

Good luck with the scan.


Hi I didn’t have contrast and they found lesions on my brain so I guess it didn’t matter if it was active or not althoughvthid was my first ever one x