Is this good news? MRI results

Hello all, I have been in limbo land for some time after being diagnosed with optic neuritis in July 2016 and an MRI showing legions. I have today received a letter in the post from my consultant neurologist following a recent MRI scan. The letter says ‘I am pleased to report that there are no significant interval change on theses scans’. Honestly, does this mean it’s potentially good news and I won’t develop MS? Or is there still a chance? I feel like celebrating regardless. I’m running the London marathon in April for the MS Society to raise money for this worthy cause so hopefully this news will mean that I can still aim to complete it. Thanks Yas

so your mri in 2016 showed lesions but this latest one doesn’t.

has your neuro mentioned ms to you

anyway if it is ms it doesn’t sound very active which is good news.

why don’t neuros speak in plain english so that we know what they mean.

celebrate because we all need good times.

good luck for the marathon

carole xx

I would celebrate too. It sounds as though the news is good: there is no sign of any unpleasant goings on in your central nervous system since the last time they scanned you, and hurrah for that.

As for how the chances of converting from CIS to MS change the longer you go without displaying further disease activity, I have no idea. You would probably have to talk to your neurologist about that one. But one thing’s for sure: ‘no significant change’ is a thing we all like to see on our MRI scan reports!


Good news! And exciting to be running a marathon=) I’m thinking of getting my first marathon done next June in Stockholm but I haven’t decided yet as I’m also running half a marathon two weeks before in Gothenburg and I know how my running sometimes increases “fatigue” and muscle pain…anyhow diagnosis or not if I’m determined I’ll do it anyway. Want to give a very good film tip (Spanish) if you haven’t already seen it “100 metros” a true story which is truly inspiring whether you’ve got ms or not!

Haha thanks for that… The only bit that I understand was Ironman!

Well saw there were no subtitles but the guy is diagnosed with ms and is in really bad shape when he decides to train for ironman, incredible how mind over matter works for some people=]