MRI results

Hi all I just thought id share some positive news I got this morning from my G.P. I had posted a couple of weeks back about waiting on results of my recent scan on my brain. Well today my G.P called to let me know she got an update and the MRI showed no change at all. This means I do still have the inflammation on parts of my brain and previous lesion but nothing has got worse! She also mentioned that as my previous scans were also done on my spinal cord that this one hasnt so they will send me for this to see if there has been any change with this. She said the report she got mentioned this should have been completed at the same time. I have an appointment with the consultant on Tuesday to go over my results and discuss what happens now but today I have been given a nice wee boast and if I could physically jump for joy I would but I will be secretly jumping for joy inside all day instead!! :slight_smile: Polly x

Hi Polly

Good news indeed. Jumping for joy is over-rated. I prefer a wriggle for joy and the good thing is you can even do a wriggle sitting down.

JBK xx

Hi JBK Hopefully I will get my next scan as when my G.P was telling me about the result there was a pause when she said im glad for you HOWEVER and i thought here we go whats wrong and she said as my last scans were also of my spinal cord aswell and this also showed abnormalities, so they want to check that. But for today im really happy with my results I have had and those results will be for another day! Polly x