I phoned an ms nurse yesterday and she confirmed i am seeing the neuro again on the 2nd of january. I am glad i am not just getting fobbed off because my LP was clear. At least i can discuss what happens next and if he’s going to still DX MS with my 13yrs of symptoms and lesions.

So glad to hear zipster that the neuro is still taking an interest in your case despite LP being clear. I hope so desperately for you and a lot of us that this new year will bring some answers and not more questions. I’m due my first neuro appointment on Monday coming up.

Please keep us informed :slight_smile:

Tsuki xxx

Hear hear! Really glad you are not being fobbed off, Zipster.

Good luck with your appointment on Monday, Tsuki.

Yay so pleased your not getting ignored good luck Axx

Thanks Purpledot, hopefully I get lucky like Zipster and get a good neuro who won’t give up when things come back “normal”.