Pregnancy and MS

Hi all

Was Dx last week and am also 6 weeks pregnant. So that’s two very big bombshells in the last few weeks.

Posting anon as am at a rather delicate stage of pregnancy.

Anyhoo, I just wondered if anyone had any experience of pregnancy and MS, in particular treatment. I am rather hoping that I get seen a bit quicker and possibly get an early scan (there MUST be some perks to having this cruddy illness?!).

I told neuro at appt last week and he has suggested I register at his hospital for the pregnancy and birth (which I am happy to do). He also said he wants me registered sooner rather than later. Told GP this and she has made my first midwife appt for next week, which I think is a bit earlier than usual so that’s good.

I am concerned about the stress and anxiety of dx affecting the pregnancy and wondered if any mums on here might be able to share some of their own pregnancy experiences with me?

Thank you in advance!

Ps. It’s true what they say about pregnancy improving symptoms. I haven’t felt this awake in YEARS!

Goodness, what a tumult of competing emotions must be swirling around in your head right now!

Congratulations on the pregnancy. It can take people a while to accept that life goes on despite an MS dx. But go on it does, and the fates have clearly decreed that you get over that particular hurdle right away! Unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do about feeling a bit stressed and anxious at a time when you would prefer to feel calm and serene. But (returning to the ‘life goes on’ point) I think that you can rely on Mother Nature to make sure that your child gets all that he or she needs, even though you have such a lot on your plate.

I hope that the concerns about your health do not cast too long a shadow on the happy bit of your news and that everything goes well for you.