Scared now

Hi all I was diagnosed last September after being off work for 6 months. I was told the usual stuff by neuros; problems will go, don’t worry etc. They didnt go but got better as I couldn’t do anything for a while. I decided that I wouldn’t let the worry of what might or might not happen stop me doing anything but am not so sure now. After 2 miscarriages, I’m pregnant again and feeling rough as I’m not taking any medication ( I was in process of changing from gabapentin to pregabalin). I just feel that maybe I’ve made the worst decision of my life. I’ve not been able to feel my fingertips, feet , legs for over a year and my sight is dodgy in one eye and I just don’t want to walk anywhere or do anything at the moment. I’m scared I won’t cope and will regret being selfish and giving a child a sick mum to deal with.I’m not particularly maternal and feel that maybe it was a knee jerk reaction to having MS. I’ve been told that my symptoms may get better during pregnancy but was wondering when? Any advice from people who have been or are in the same situation is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello love. Im unable to offer you the kind of advice you are looking for, as my health problems began a long time after id had my 2 girls.

But hopefully, someone else will be able to help.

It is such a shame that a time which should be joyous is marred by this rotten callous monster.

I wish you well.

luv Pollx


I wasnt diagnosed with ms when I had my last child, however Im sure I was suffering from it whilst pregnant as I kept telling the gp I felt like I had something like lukemia as I couldnt do anything. Then when I had him I realised it was the best thing I could have ever chosen to do. He has filled my life full of joy. Yes he can be very tiring, yes his behaviour isnt always as I would expect, but boy do his positives make my life well worth while.

We always cannot chose the way our life goes, but one things for sure, the joys of childbirth, outweight all our worries over our future. You will be tired, you will feel sh.t, you will feel like you maybe should have chosen to be childless however, life goes on. Having a new baby will keep your mind centred upon the little one who will need you and love you regardless of how ill you are. the love of a child cannot be compared.

Go with it, and ask for help when you feel you need support. Start preparing those around you stating you may need help when your ms decides to butt in. Preparation is all you need right now.

The hormones of pregnancy are supposed to keep ms symptoms at bay. I hope your body does exactly that and gives you chance to enjoy the happy event and for a great deal many years to come.

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Hi, I don’t know if this will be of any help to you but I hope so. I have had a miscarriage and went on to have a lovely son. At the time I had MS but was totally unaware of it therefore I wasn’t at that time taking any drugs whatsoever, I had never felt so good, being pregnant took all my symptoms away. Have you seen an optician, your ms nurse or neuro, if not I suggest that you do.

You are not being selfish at all, all you want is a normal pregnancy and the determination to be a good mum. That’s no difference to every other woman who wants a child. Any child excepts their mum with whatever they have and would cope as you will, but you obviously need help to get you through. Please speak to a professonal who will lead you in the right direction.

Sending you (((((HUGS)))))




Now don’t get too excited but get your Doctor to get a blood test for APS Antibodies.

This is too check for Hughes Syndrome that causes similar symptoms to MS but can also cause miscarriages. See