I was told I have ms 4 wks ago and have to wait til end Sept to see ms neurologist. Just feeling v low, hard putting a brave face on for everyone and wanting to get sorted and get on with it. hate this limbo. I know it’ll get better better better but just need to hesr it from those in the know

Hi Nicci Sorry for your recent diagnosis of ms, but welcome, you’ll find lots of support here, from lots of great people and you wont be alone on your journey with ms. It isn’t always easy living with ms, just different to how it once was. Dont put on a brave face if your struggling ask for help. I’m not suprised you feel low though, bet you feel like you’ve been hung out to dry? Have you got a good GP that you could go talk to? Whilst you wait for you Neuro appointment, maybe they could help you. I wish you well & dont forget there’s always someone on here to answer your questions. Sue xx

Hi Nicci

Sorry to hear you have been recently diagnosed. Have you been given a number for a local MS nurse? I had to ask if there was anyone for my son and I to talk to while we waited to see the MS specialist as it’s such a lot to take in at first. It might be worth ringing the neuro secretary and finding out if there is an MS nurse in your area and if so then giving the nurse a ring. They are brilliant for just having a general chat and finding out general information from.

In the meantime, if there is anything you need to know, browse on this website and ask away on these boards. You will be made very welcome and we try to support each other. You are not alone; there are so many of us muddling along each day with everything this illness throws at us.

Hopefully we will be able to reassure that, although you may still be in shock at your diagnosis, life with MS can still be happy and rewarding. Many of us still work, drive, take holidays, have children, have full social lives etc. Sometimes we have to plan a bit more but we still have good times (in fact my own calendar is looking very full for the next month :-))

Tracey x

hi nicci,sorry to hear your dx.i was dx in june and now waiting on neuro app.dont mind saying i go from fearful to teary to angry.but its took till now to just start registering it all.coming on this forum really helps even if you just read other peoples experiences.feel free to pm me.

Hi Nicci

Sorry to hear that you were recently d/x. I agree with the above. Find out who your MS Nurse is and give her a ring or ask for an appt to see her if you would prefer that. I saw my MS Nurse quickly after d/x and she brought me lots of booklets on MS to look through. It would be a good idea if you get those from your Nurse.

Remember we are always here for you whenever you need a shoulder or advice. Sometimes we even share jokes and have a giggle. You don’t have to put a brave face on for us because we know how you are feeling!!

Take is steady and don’t rush yourself. It takes a time to get your head round all the info.

Shazzie xxx