Was told 4 wks ago that I have ms and just got ms neurologist appt at end Sept. Just feel so frustrated, concerned family/friends keep asking whats happening but how can I help/support them when I dont know? This limbo is worse than before diagnosis, I just want to get meds sorted and questions answered,then can get on with it. So tired of putting on a brave face face at home and out

Hi Same for me just waiting to see ms neuro to sort out meds, just wanna get on with it now and move forward . Agree the limbo land is so frustrating . Hang in there they tell me it gets easier Gray

Hi nicci and Gray I’m just a bit ahead of the two of you. I saw ms neuro last week after dx in may. She is putting me on rebif which should take 4 to 6 weeks to sort out. I know where you’re coming from nicci about putting on a brave face. I’m not sure I want to cry/scream about it but you’re right about all the questions - I’m just tired of reassuring everybody else that it will all be fine. I can’t bear people feeling sorry for me or thinking I can’t do everything myself. Gonna have to work on that I think! I thought I’d be ok after seeing ms neuro and meeting ms nurse but now I think I’ll feel better after starting rebif (but then it’ll probably be something else lol) Take care and keep in touch - I find the forum my escape from smiling and gritting my teeth!

Thank you Grey and Sunflower, its so good to know that others feel the same as me and that there are people to talk to who feel mixed up too. I have no doubt that there will be more to cope with as time goes by but I know that,once I’ve got my head round it all, I’ll deal with it,though there may be more than a few deep breath moments along the way!!. Let me know how you’re getting on, take care and thanks again.