Newbie with neurology appt tomorrow

Hiya all - total newbie to this forum, but have been reading threads for a while now which have given a lot of comfort that there are others out there going through what I am experiencing. Story is relatively short, ON in 2000, reoccurred every two years or so and didn’t really think that much about it. In June though, woke up one morning to totally numb right leg, GP diagnosed sciatica and wasn’t till I went to endocrinology about over active thyroid that they started talking about possible MS; anyway, seeing neuro tomorrow morning and, thanks to reading some of your posts, insisted GP send me for MRI prior to appt (neuro has been sent results but I haven’t yet been told outcome). Anyway, wanted to say thanks to you all, you didn’t know it but you have been a great help… Wicks x

Hiya, all, had neuro appt yesterday and got dx of MS which wasn’t a surprise and to be honest, was something of a relief. But kind of left with feeling of 'what happens now? Don’t know what I was expecting to happen to be honest; any one feel similar following diagnosis or am I just weird? Wicks

Just to say hi and welcome. There’s loads of people with good advice and support here. Have you been given an ms nurse or anything? Ax

Hi wicks. Sorry about your diagnosis. You’re not weird! I felt exactly the same after mine in June. And still do to be honest! I’m just getting over another relapse and I started rebif 4 weeks ago. I was initially diagnosed by general neuro and then had to wait 2 months for referral to ms clinic when I was introduced to ms nurse and told they’d start me on rebif. I’m very much taking each day as it comes now and do feel a bit left to my own devices. I think you can find out from this site which ms specialists and nurses are in your area. If you’ve not been referred on maybe you could ring and find out what’s available for you. Did they say what kind of ms? That will have implications for treatment. Take care x

I’m counting down to my neuro appointment next week as though it were a birthday or holiday… listening to audio books to stop myself thinking about it 24/7 - onto my third Linda la Plante novel in four days now! I’m letting myself go with it though - I think its only natural to be obsessed about a probable dx and I know I’ll move on to different behaviour. Better had, audio books aren’t cheap!

Hi Wicks, always sad to hear MS dx.

Have you been given steroids or anything?

Sorry your original post didn’t get a reply, sometimes this forum does put new posts on page 2 which is a bit annoying, people might not have seen it.

I was shell-shocked with my 1st neuro appt, I thought I has a trapped nerve so was quite shocked when I was told. I went away, took my steroids and had my head MRI’d and at the 2nd appointment I was told it’s likly PPMS.

There’s so much stuff to sort out and no easy guide! You can get lots of help here though and if you’ve been given an MS nurse, they are really helpful :slight_smile:

It feels like a bit of an overload to begin with so give it time

Sonia x

Hiya, all - thanks for kind messages. Know exactly how you feel BeccaT in terms of countdown, like waiting for Christmas, knowing you’ll possibly get a present you really don’t want! MS nurse has been in contact and going to meet her next week, neuro was MS specialist so haven’t got to be referred anywhere further and he doesn’t feel that any meds are warranted at the moment. Have told those who I think need to know and trying to keep cheerful and count myself lucky that seems to be fairly mild in presentation so far so will be doing a Dory and ‘just keep swimming’ Thanks again all Wicks x

Same, experience really but without a diagnosis…awaiting neuro appointmnet next week. what do I say*?* .I have a history of spasms, twitches, trimengenial neuralgia, ON? paralysis down 1 side and bad heads. Also, have had glandular fever more than once, some say linked to ms. Later in life ended up with shingles, some say another auto immune problem. I don’t know all I know is that I tingle and buzz from head to toe… I have been diagnosed with B12 deciciency, fibromyalgia and hemachromatosis… life sucks. I am in pain constantly and wonder when it will stop… may be never. Hope now you can be treated and looked after well…Take care…