Freshly diagnosed

Just been diagnosed with MS on Monday, and new on here.

Initially I went for a MRI to have my optical nerve checked prior to an operation, I was referred to a neurologist for what they called an “incidental finding” which turned out to be white spots. a contrast MRI, blood tests and finally and by far the worst test a lumbar pucture later and I was given the diagnosis. I had 8 months to get myself prepared for the worst but all the preparation in the world would not have helped when the words came out of the neurolgists mouth.

At least now i know what I have I can start to deal with it and move on, its just this initial few days that im struggling with at the moment, a total lack of understanding mixed with a feeling of emptyness and sadness is how im feeling at the moment.

just looking at the other posts on here at it certainly looks like there is a lot of support about and also a lot of understanding people too.

heres to the future.

Hi, welcome aboard the good ship MS…and other bits and pieces too. My neuros keep changing their minds as to waht ive got! Keeps em occupied, eh?

Yeh, hearing the actual words does have an impact.

Give yourself time to digest it all. There`s oodles of info available from the MS Society…if and when you feel ready to read up on it.

And as youve already found...........theres a lot of us here to listen, cry, laff, support or whatever you need.

be good to yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

A warm Welcome…and thanks for sharing your situation with us…rest assured there is lots of support and knowledgeable people on here who can help with any questions you may have…or if you just want to have a rant…go for it.

Can only imagine what you are going through right now…but go easy on yourself…you sound positive though…and take your time over this and give yourself time too…to take it all in and digest it all…and you will get a sense of perspective at some point…in some ways its good things were flagged up as they were…also make use of the resources you have access to ie ms nurse, neurolgyst etc and here too.


Hello, and welcome to the site

You’ll certainly find loads of support on here, as well as lots of information. Take your time though - no point in rushing off to read everything until you’re ready. In the meantime, please know that, for the vast majority, MS is NOT the end of the world! The media regularly get it wrong and the internet abounds with scare stories and sham “cures”. Yes, your life will be different than the one you probably imagined, but it can still be long, happy and fulfilling.

When you’re ready, download or order hard copies (for free) from here and from the MS Trust website. These are reliable sources of info. The MSS helpline is also excellent from all accounts.

You are probably going to go through some difficult emotions over the next months. It’s normal! Hang in there - you’ll get through it. If you are struggling, seeing a counsellor can be a massive help - it certainly was for me.

Karen x

Hi there I was only diagnosed in December so I know how you’re feeling. The sadness is really a form of grief as you are mourning the lost you! Take it a day at a time - you will get through it. We are always here and empathise with how you feel, stay in touch! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Thanks guys n gals,

knowing im not alone helps a little. just waiting for me appointment with the MS doc and MS nurses now and then see what happens from there, contrast scan showed a proggresion in the lesions but dont think that means its defo gonna get worse. Me boss has MS also so im lucky there as he will be understanding.

I Suppose i have got to look at things positively and see it as a new begining, i enjoyed the old me but I can also enjoy the new.

Thanks again