pregnancy and suppliments

Hello, i was just wondering for those of you that have ms and have been pregnant did you take any vitamins etc, i have the normal pregnancy vitamins, but wondered if higher doses of vitamin d was necessary or any other supplements. i do not have an ms nurse at the moment (she retired and and there is no replacement that i know of) to ask and GP started looking on ms web sites so she knows no more than me. i wondered if any one new the recommendations.

I suffer with fatigue badly because of ms, now in first trimester well i started feeling nauseous before my period was even due, i feel so hung over the hole time, and fatigue is so terrible. im just about incapable of anything. did any one else feel like this? if so any tips? and when does it get better? i had stupid ideas about blossoming, ms stopping and feeling the best ive felt for ages. rather nieve i know!!

The D3 subject gets covered a fair bit on the Barts & London blog and the search facility will turn up a few answers.

I felt pretty shattered in my first trimester too but by the second trimester I was much better and felt pretty good. Third trimester was quite tiring as you are lugging the extra weight of a baby around. I never took vitamins during my pregnancy but i did take homeopathic tissue salts on the recommendation of my chiropractor. I think they really helped give my baby all the nutrients she needed and I had a really good birth as well. I got them from a pharmacy called They are London based but you can call them and order the tissue salts. I don’t think you can order them online.

Good luck with everything x