Just a quick question. I’ve started taking vitamins and minerals which boost my immune system, but im starting to wonder if they are the best things to take/ take at all? As I had a string of “feeling better” days a while back, but its been a good week now of feel the same. No bad per se, but no improvements. Can’t help wonder if they are linked.


Hi Paul I take a concoction which was recommended by my MS nurse and I think they help with a general feeling of wellness which has got to impact on the MS symptoms. One of them is zinc which also helps to boost immunity and aid healing. My anecdotal evidence of this concerns my hubby. He had a very nasty attack if shingles in his head, in Menorca a few years ago. The infection spread to his brain and he nearly died. For a year afterwards he suffered from repeat attacks despite heavy duty anti viral meds and also suffered from post herpetic neuralgia. His GP recommended zinc supplements and within weeks all the symptoms had gone and in nearly two years, he has never had another attack !! Xx

The only supplement that is widely recommended for MS by neuros is vitamin D3. The other one I take is vitamin B12 which, although not recommended specifically for MS, probably won’t do any harm as it can help cell repair.

My neuro recommended that I take 5,000iu of vitamin D3 a day.

Karen x

Hi Paul,

I deliberately avoid any supplements promoted as “immune boosting”, on the premise that if the most widely-accepted theory about MS is true - that it’s caused by “friendly fire” from a misguided immune system - the last thing I want is to give it more ammo!

I actually suspect most products touted as immune-boosting have very little scientific basis anyway, but I always think: “Why take the chance?”. If they really do what they claim, it’s probably NOT something I’d want to encourage anyway. My immune system is already busy doing what it shouldn’t, and doesn’t need any help from me.



i thought the body got rid of what u dont need? i suspect u need to raise ur own chickens and grow ur veg etc etc because food in general is modifyed,sprayed etc etc so we rarely know exactly what we are putting in our bodies anyway. then we abuse it-expecting it still to work efficiently-smoking, drinking, caffeine etc etc. our immune system has to cope with much more than i thought!

so i take a multi vit/mineral, vit b complex, starflower oil, cranberry capsule to help/regulate my immune system-not boost it. i may be wrong to do this-but it feels right to me.

will be interested in other replies…


Hi Ellie I’ll be sticking with the regime my nurse recommended…it seems to work well for me and I’m always happy to follow her advice as she is an MS specialist with many, many years experience !! Xx

Hi Paul,

I think that vit d3 and vit b12 are really important. One of the functions of vit d3 is to regulate the immune system. So if you are deficient, as many of us are then your immune system will not be functioning as it should. This may account for our allergies and even MS itself. As Karen said one of the functions of vit B12 is cell repair and it is actually used in the production of Myelin, the protective sheaf around the nerve. I take both and I (think) feel lot better for it.


I agree, Adrian…I take both too. Xx

I agree Catherine. I’m curious as to what else you take? I take Omega3 and I was taking Magnesium. I have also been getting Neuralgia at the top of my head. It’s quite strange, it seems to come on when I eat wheat. Since upping my vit d3, it seems to have gone. x

I take vit d3, b 12, omega 3 triple strength, combined magnessium and calcium and zinc. Really happy with the results. It took a while to kick in but the concoction seems to really make a difference to me. But I’m glad I waited to get the advice from my nurse…I was wary of just popping supplements randomly. Xx

That’s pretty much what I take. I am really happy with the results too. I am not going to reduce my vitamin D again through.

I am not on anything at the moment. So, it is quite interesting to see how things work. x

[quote=“MrsH”] I take vit d3, b 12, omega 3 triple strength, combined magnessium and calcium and zinc. Really happy with the results. It took a while to kick in but the concoction seems to really make a difference to me. But I’m glad I waited to get the advice from my nurse…I was wary of just popping supplements randomly. Xx [/quote] Hi Can I ask what amounts of these you take please? Or % of RDA? Thanks. A x

Hi Annelda I take; Vit B12 250mcg Zinc 15mg Calcium 400mg magnessium 200mg combined Omega 3 triple strength 1000mg Vitamin D3 5000 iu I don’t know what mcg and iu mean !! I buy them all (except the D3) from simply supplements as they do BOGOF which works out cheapest for me. The D3 I got from amazon as I couldn’t get the 5,000 from anywhere else. Xx

Hi, I’ve been on the Best Bet Diet since 2008 but I’ve always had problems taking the various supplements. I’ve had side-effects ranging from trembling, to heart palpitations to bad cystitis. I’ve now decided that the best way to get all the nutrition I need is through diet, and I am sort of, but not completely, following a raw food vegan diet. I’ve done a lot of research plus a lot of trial and error about what works best for me. I now only buy organic, and although it costs more, I feel it’s worth doing to avoid all the chemicals and other nasties that’s in our food these days. Some people think I’m a bit of a new age weirdo, depriving myself of all the “normal” food, but I’ve been in a privilidged position over the last few years thanks to MS, and I’ve had lots of time to read and research various things and form my own opinions. I’m no longer influenced by what the masses eat, or by how I was brought up. Our generation has the advantage of hindsight - we can look back over the years and see how the western diet has contributed to all the ill health that’s around today. Our parents and grandparents couldn’t do that. They just accepted that the food products sold in the shops was OK. They had no reason to question it. Be happy and comfortable with any decisions you make. Heather

Thank you Mrs H! A x

Chocorange why do you take starflower? So interesting… I had a convo with my GP on Thursday which was basically that he thought VitD was unneccessary, as well as testing for Vit D toxicity unneccssary. Basically extra vits / suppliments excessive. So glad I have an MS nurse / consultant appt this week. I now feel a bit depressed

hi, vit d3 for me as advised by my neuro, and b12, oh mrs h. were did you stay in menorca? we love it there its such a lovely island…

Hi tc We stayed in Cala Galdana. It was really beautiful…or what I saw of it was !! Hubby was admitted to hospital on day two and was there for the full two weeks until he was permitted to fly home. We have always wanted to go back to say thank you to the doctor, Dr Jesus(!!), who saved his life.

As important as the vitamins you need to eat a healthy balance diet - you know the 5 a day, keep junk food to a minimum. Home cooking, try to get bread from a decent baker and lots of food with brightly coloured skin so thats berries.

I take 5000 IU of Vit D3. My MS consultant bangs on about Vit D3, helps to keep bones healthy and that is important

I’m sure the MS Society will publish a pamphlet on balanced diet and vitamins.




Been a reader of the forums for ages but seeing made this post made register as I was keen to get across what Ive found.

I was diagnosed in 2008 but had been having relapses since 2000, with two episodes being seriously debillitating. I was fairly depressed TBH before the diagnosis but I knew what was coming.

But when it came, and my neurologist delivered my diagnosis waiting for me to break down I felt strange relief. I wasnt gonna die, these werent mini strokes, this was a known conidition.

I got proactive and started looking at trends, research, diets etc and I am now settled on the following

2g Omega 3 per day (DPA & EHA) - Thats 2 * triple strength Capsules

1000ug B12

400ug Folic Acid - This aids B12 absorbtion

4000 IU Vit D per day - more if its winter, less maybe if there’s loads of sun

100mg Alpha lipoic acid

Now - Bear in mind pre 2008 i was having at least 2 relapses per year, often minor weird ones - i never really complained too hard about the numb bum cheek, sometimes realy incovenient - my face going numb on the right side for 2 months was a real pain, occassionally awful - unable to dress, feed myself etc.

I have had no relapse since my diagnosis. Thats 5 years ago now. To be fair i have also cut most saturated fats from my diet, and eat lots of fruit and veg, and stress has nearly no part in my life anymore - i am without doubt happier than ive ever been, and probably happier than most people i know.

So ^^^^^ Do this and be well - its not a life sentance, for me it was my mortality thrust right into my face which is quite frankly (hence the username) a real wake up call.