Vitamin cc and zinc

I’ve been told not to take vitamin c or zinc…I can’t remember why! Is this right and why?

Vitamin C is reputedly immune-boosting. As it’s the immune system doing us harm in MS, giving it a boost might not be a very good idea.

I’m guessing much the same applies with zinc, although I’m not as sure, with that one, whether it’s supposed to be immune-boosting. I think so though.

I tend to steer clear of any supplement touted as “immune-boosting”, even if I’m sceptical whether it really does it or not. Why take the chance? I’ve absolutely no evidence my immune system needs boosting - it’s not as if I’m always catching things. So apart from the unfortunate “friendly fire” incidents, I think my immune system’s doing fine - it attacks everything it needs to, and a few things it shouldn’t.


Thanks Tina - that’s what I thought. Until 2 years ago I never used to get colds now when I do they really wipe me out. Co coIncidentally my Ms changed to SPMS 2 years ago as well (???)


Hi, I do take a high dose of vitamin c if I don’t I get really bad infections which makes my ms symtoms much worse.

Does it affect your Ms?

Hi again,

Infections do tend to make MS symptoms play up, but that still does not necessarily mean your immune system needs a boost.

It’s normal for everyone (non-MSers too I mean) to get occasional infections, and the fact they hit us worse is not indicative of a “weak immune system”. It may be because a typical immune response to infection is to develop a slight temperature. MS symptoms are often very sensitive to body temperature, so anything that makes you even slightly feverish may increase symptoms.

Alternatively, it may be because the immune system has been triggered (by the infection) - so is doing exactly what it should - but with the unfortunate side-effect that a more active immune system may also mean more active MS.

As MS is so notoriously unpredictable anyway, it’s very hard to know whether a specific course of action made it worse, better, or had no effect.

If my MS gets worse next week, is it because of a something I took this week? How about next month? So it’s very difficult to gauge cause and effect. But to me, logic says that if your disease is caused by misdirected immune system attacks, the last thing you’d want to do is give it more ammo.