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I thought I read a while back that people with immune system problems, such as MS should not take ECHINACEA. Could someone verify this for me please, as I have a friend with MS who has just discovered this and has been advised by the chemist (not in Britain) to take it. I’ve always steered well clear.

Thank you for any replies.

Wendy x

This might be helpful:


Personally, I don’t touch anything touted as “immune boosting” (which echinacea is), for the reasons mentioned in the article Anne links to.

If my immune system is busy doing what it shouldn’t, the last thing I want is to give it a boost, and help it do more damage! If anything, we need things that are immune-calming, not immune-boosting.

People assume boosting your immune system must always be good - but certainly not if it’s trigger-happy.



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Thank you so much Anne and Tina, I will advise my friend of this.

Wendy x